Sunday September 3rd, 2000

Okay, I promise to attempt to be coherant today. Okay? Cool.

I got up about 12 today, and was feeling suprisingly chipper, and somehow not hungover. There’s a lot to be said for vomitting, you know, especially if the young drunken dumb slappers are blamed for it. Brad hadn’t made us breakfast yet, what a not a team player, but eventually he was goaded into getting his ass to the supermarket for hummus and fresh bread, and tuna for those lesbians amongst us that like it, and stuff like that. And so the six of us sat down to a very long leisurely lunch. Six? Yes, cos Si’s still here, and Kara had stayed over. Lunch was the usual hodge podge of sexual innuendo, smut, injokes and mocking one another. It’s such a good feature for every flat to have – the one definate day a week where you all group around the table to hang out.

Later I expected that I was going to have to take Kate to her car, but I didn’t – they ended up towing it back to our house eventually. At first the towing company hung up when they rang us, cos our answering machine message told them that calls would cost $5.95 a minute.

Maree and Shirley were both around this afternoon, but I was half asleep. We did a disection of the events at and after the party. Shirley was mocking me for not remembering when she’d left. Kate B told me I slapped her really hard, and I remember doing it now too. Well, I thought she said she didn’t like Creed! Turns out she was saying that the slappers didn’t like it, but hey, I did apologise! And apologising makes doing something bad okay, right kids? What other revelations were they? Oh, I remembered how cute Nice Andrew was when we were walking down to the viaduct going “Can I put my arm around you?” He’s SUCH a sweetie. I think I’m far too obsessed with Juice TV, eh. When they show ads for it, I want to cry. Later I talked with Kate B and Simon and they said that I wasn’t a slapper or a skank, and they kinda confirmed something that I was thinking about someone, and that was good. And bad.

Karen rang later – I love people who leave hysterical laughter on our answering service. Then Si wanted to go to Dennys, so he went and woke Clayton up. We made Kate come out with us despite her claiming she had no money (she took $20 from the kitty for emergencies since she’s lost her wallet, and spent it on cigarettes and magazines). We thought we needed her to guide us to the Puna. Taka, that is. Of course, Dennys isn’t actually IN Takapuna, as we found out when Clay consulted a phonebook somewhere over there. So we went to Glenfield instead, eventually. But the Dennys was completely crowded (god help us all!) and didn’t have any boothes AND we would have had to wait 20 minutes. So we said no to that, and went to Burger Fuel instead. Mmmmmmmmmm it was very very yummy. I ahd some vege burger thing made out of kumara and mushroom and chickpea, but i should have had simon’s tofu burger cos that was even nicer.

Later this evening we were back home and playing that game where you write someone’s name on a post-it note and stick it to your forehead and have to guess who you are. I couldn’t get who I was one time because they’d said I was sexy, but i was supposed to be John Travolta who is a million miles away from sexy. But the best call of the night came from Kate, exploding in rage cos we’d told her that who she was had done all his work in America. “Albert Einstien is from Australia!” she said. She thought Young Einstien was autobiographical, it seems. Ahh the people I live with crack me up. It’s so cool having Si back. I can’t imagine living anywhere else, with anyone else.

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