Monday September 4th, 2000

I had really really disturbing nightmares about being slandered on people’s webpages, and I was so scared that i actually woke myself up. Which is kinda really wackschool. In fact, it’s fucking hideous, it’s like dreaming about being on IRC or writing people emails. Umm, not that I’ve ever dreamt that, really.

Anyways, so by the time I’d got up and showered and talked to olivia and Si and I had made our way into town, it was like 2pm. We went straight to Gravity for coffee. Mmmmmmmm such good coffee, such nice people, so well hidden, it was fantastic. And then we went shopping. I bought myself a black bonds tshirt, with a vneck. Si got a tshirt, and a hoodie and a couple of caps. One store we were in, Manic on high street which gets a plug on account of how it made my Static tshirt, had all these other fantastic shirts with things like “nipples” and “slapper” on them – there was one appropriate for pratically everyone we know.

I dropped Si off at the bus depot this evening, which was a little sad. Especially since that meant missing shortland street! And I had to tape 3rd Watch because Brad was busy being funny with Justin. But that’s okay. Kate was supposed to be writing an essay, but she took a very long break and we all sat around the dining room table, eating coconut black cherry brownies with spoons straight from the pan cos there’s not a single clean dish in our house. Honestly, our place is so absolutely filthy that we can’t even put dirty dishes in the kitchen anymore cos there’s no room. Brad said he’s going to clean tomorrow. I guess I should help him, or alternatively go out all day. I really must do some work. I made a decision today to limit my hedonism to one day a week, and then a couple of hours later I was making shakers. Go figure.

Oh, oh! I’m sulking at Justine, because she wrote in her journal who wins Survivor, and so far I’d managed to avoid every other news source telling me. Hopefully I will forget it as I sleep tonight.

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