Thursday September 14th, 2000

Wahoo, Journal entry! It’s amazing how inspiring a few drinks can be!

I woke up this morning before nine because the darn cat was mewing, and I found a nice package waiting for me outside my bedroom door. So, I opened it up and was thrilled to find Robyn’s contribution to my magaziney ideary thing (send in YOUR submissions now, everyone, literally anything at all will thrill me). And it was very very cool. But it was still very early, so I went back to bed, and as a result, I dreamt of Robyn, not that I have ever met her. But you can rest assured, because it was just an emaily kinda dream.

What else? Oh, I had finished my assignment last night, which was great, except for the rmps which I needed to change today at tech after I’d put them on the server. Went into tech, yawned my way through Instructional Design. I think my external email has been cut off again for having my balance being too low, unless youse guys were all being slack and not replying to me LEIGH and KINI I’m looking at you in particular here. Ran away for coffee, and came back in time for Multimedia Broadcasting. We’re going to be broken up into groups, and every group has to do a two hour live broadcast from the Multimedia expo we host at the end of the year, scary. We learnt about webcams today. Hmm, have I had any experiance in that field? I wonder. Oh speaking of which, I really must sort mine out. Right now my cam is uploading to but there’s no webpage there because I can’t access it through an ftp program, so it’s all crazy and blah blah blah, I really must sort it out unless my favour Sydney Tuna Eater does it for me .

And so after I uploaded my shit to the server, and Shirley had popped in to let me know she was back at tech, I left my cellie # with Helen, and ran upstairs to the radio room, where I spent a pleasant almost hour in a very comfy chair in a lovely patch of sun. Peter had bought a Bros picture record, so he was playing that and we were singing OOOOERRRRRRRRR and dancing. And telling injokes, and talking a LOT about Survivor. There’s a Survivor Party @garland on Tuesday Night, naturally. We’re going to serve Fish and Rice. And people can bring their own Tropical Alcohol. Maybe we’ll all dress up as our favourite character. But I doubt we’ll be posing for Playboy, although I certainly would if I was offered enough money. Nigel had some woman in the studio that he was going to interview on Chivalry, so that sparked a big big discussion, and we were all trying to think of examples that happened to us. And DAMMIT, I thought of one tonight when we were at the supermarket and Brad hadn’t offered to carry the basket and I was like “But Thomas always did” and he was like “well I’m not Thomas” but of course I didn’t think of that chivalry then.

Just before the clock hit 5pm, me and Peter and Brad and Shirley hightailed it down to London Bar for Happy Hour, and damn we were very very happy mostly. Helen rang me and came down a little later, which was very very cool. Damn she’s choice! There are actually some very cool people doing Multimedia, and I’m glad I’ve got to know her, and Andrea, and Karin. And it’s such a fucking relief to have that goddam streaming project in! Around 7, we left the bar to go play Final Furlong, but there was like a fire in the Imax building or something, so we couldn’t. Instead Brad Shirls and I drove home, stopping at the supermarket to buy dinner.

I came home to find Kate B who I hadn’t seen in over 24 hours all sad on the couch, which was horrible, but at least we’re not pissed off with each other. I apologised for asking her and Abbot to be quieter the other night, and she was like “What? You asked us when?” so that was cool. It felt really strange to be giving her the same consoling speeches about her ex moving away that she gave me a couple of months ago. Shirley wanted me to scan in her photo and help her fill out her Treasure Island application, so I did, and then did the same for Kate.

Vodka, wine and Corona’s probably not the most ideal combination but at least my arm doesn’t hurt anymore! Oh do you want to read Stickybeak and Creedwatch from yesterday? Okay, sure!

Events raged out of control at the MTV video music awards on Sunday night. Rage Against the Machine usually save their anger for big coporations not disimilar to their record company Sony. However, bassist Timothy Commerford, disappointed at losing the Best Rock Video award to Limp Bizkit, lept on stage, smashed a guitar and climbed scaffolding, delaying the show for twenty minutes as police tried to bring him down. Commerford wouldn’t move, and repeatedly yelled to onlookers “darn it, I won’t do what you tell me”. Eventually however, he was coaxed down, and taken away. If convicted he could face up to a year in prison on charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Benefit concert, anyone?

In other devestating news from the awards ceremony, many New Zealanders who had previously avoided finding out who had won Survivor were incensed when the winner presented an award. Stickybeak unfortunately knows who won, but will refrain from spoiling your fun if you’re looking forward to the big two hour finale next Tuesday. Meanwhile, television viewers who chose to watch the Emmys instead are also understandably upset. The comedy “Everybody loves Raymond” picked up two best actor awards baffling many. The show deservedly bombed on New Zealand television, suggesting that maybe the title should be changed to “Americans who like their food bland and their television blander might watch Raymond because it’s easier than getting up out of their chairs or changing the channel”.

And finally, savvy listeners may have noticed that in the past, Stickybeak hasn’t been completely serious, and may possibly have taken the mickey out of a few story items. However, today I have a story about an artist that i completely worship. Singer Tori Amos has given birth to a baby girl. The pregnancy was not announced to the media until the birth as Amos has suffered a miscarriage before which inspired her beautiful album “From the Choirgirl Hotel”. Stickybeak would like to wish Amos, husband and daughter all the best, and we hope this will not keep Tori from touring here sometime soon.

Let’s go there!

Last Creedwatch, it was announced that everyone’s favourite bland rockers had sold five million copies of their album “Human Clay”. I think my source may have been slightly out of date, because now that number has been certified six million. Together with sales from their first album “my own prison” Creed have carved a new niche in grudge totalling over ten million records sold. Lead singer scott stapp was quoted saying “we created our own fortunes, and we embrace this with arms wide open”.

Creed fans will of course be guttered to learn that “Higher” did not win at the MTV video music awards. To make matters worse, the trophy went to none other than Limp Bizkit, Creed’s arch enemies. Accepting his trophy, Fred Durst said “We’re the most hated band in the world”. Creed have yet to comment officially on the matter, but it is believed that it was singer Scott Stapp who encouraged fellow loser Rage Against the Machine’s bassist to climb the stage scaffolding in protest, urging him to “take it higher”.

The Pentecostal Church of America has denied that it offered Creed eternal salvation in exchange for using the band’s music in recruitment videos. Creed spokesperson Marcia Wallace said “Although the band make many references to God in their songs, and believe in God, and would like others to believe in God, they are not a Christian Band. They go to strip clubs just like other rock stars”. But what if they dared? What’s this life for if not to convert the masses to Christianity after all!

I watched “The West Wing” premiere tonight, and it seemed pretty good actually, yeah, that’s choice. Umm, I’m losing it, eh. Ahh well, I don’t think I ever really had it. Lullah, WHAT are you doing in the hall? I swear that cat’s on drugs, eh, skittering all over the place. Apparently phone cords are the coolest playtoy in the world. Okay so I will go now. But remember, send me stuff. Anything at all, okay? Just do it, be part of my magaziney thing, which I’m hearby christening enList. Updatefu Stalker Page

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