Monday September 11th, 2000

I was still half asleep as I was drying myself off from my shower this morning. Possibley that’s why when I heard a beep beep sound like a blip on a radar screen I temporarily thought there was a Russian submarine in our garden. I think I was still dreaming. I have crazy dreams lately, as per usual. I slept really badly last night too, which was more than a little annoying.

But anyways, eventually I managed to rouse myself and get my shit together, and I went and paid a phonebill on the way into town. I was nice and gave Bradley a ride in. He repaid me by taking the empty bottle Kate M had dangerously left in my car back to her. I hate people who leave rubbish in my car, because once, a beer bottle from Simon rolled under my feet as I was driving, and that’s kinda dangerous. So yeah anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, the computer room at tech, spending three hours trying to do my codec shit on quicktime, and then embed it. Bah fucking humbug Quicktime, I loath and despise you. Fuck up my 300kb/320×240 one will you? Grr! So yeah, that wasn’t much fun.

But when I finally left the labs at some time past 3pm, I was so stoked that I hadn’t got a parking ticket that I decided to be good to my flat, and so I went to the supermarket on the way home and did a quick shop. Brad hassles me shitless for buying Basics Sugar because their packaging is so goddam sexy, but honestly, what criteria do YOU have for buying sugar? Probably none, I’m guessing, and so why not go for looks? It’s just sugar for gods sakes, it may as well look good! It’s not like it’s more expensive or anything. Rant rant rant. And then after I got home I made pumpkin soup too, just to complete my domesticness. Not that anyone was home, but hey. Brad showed up eventually, which was good. Justin rang in the middle of shortland street to ask for a banana cake recipe and I told him he was dangerously close to getting another vote, which would have meant that he was off the island for good and had to cook us a three course dinner. He got six votes in the space of 2 minutes over Sunday Lunch. Call us a police state will you? Never!

After Shorters, Brad and I made an emergency beer run back to Foodtown, also so that I could show him blue corn chips retailing in the organics aisle near you at $6.75 a bag. Have I mentioned my “3rd Watch” obsession? Last week’s episode made me cry so much that I would have been wholeheartedly mocked if Brad hadn’t been sniffing a little himself. Well anyways, we taped the MTV video awards so taht we could watch 3rd Watch, and then the Emmys. Morrison was around too, so we played the Emmys game. We had two catergories you could win in – the show you WANTED to win, and the show you thought was going to win. Kate M won overall on seven points, I had six and Brad had five. Kate B rang me up from John’s house where she was supposed to come home from last night to complain that she now knew who won Survivor, because they’d presented an award on MTV. I sympathized with her a little, but I was worried cos she sounded like she was genuinely crying. She’s left FIVE pairs of shoes lying around in the lounge/dining room, which is getting to me just a little so I hid them all apart from one pair which I put in the fridge. I bet she won’t notice.

Yeah okay, so stuff seems a little mundane around here. I’m calling sugar sexy, I realise that I’m falling from grace. I have an assignment due, I had a big weekend, I have another big weekend coming up, etc etc. Sometimes I worry that I drink too much, but then again, I do everything to excess except the stuff that’s good for you, so it all balances out in the end, right? And it’s not like I’m drinking alone, or drinking to hide or forget, or that it’s the centre of my day, so I’m not really all that worried. In fact, I doubt even my parents would worry. I told them about how I spend my evenings standing on chairs and they just laughed. I also had on/off conversations with Karen, who I accidently kept hanging up on, and she just laughed at me too. What is this, am I just a source of amusement to everyone? Oh wait, hang on, that’s what I try to be. Brilliant.

Ooooh! Exciting news of the year for me? Tori Amos had a baby girl! Here’s where I go all verdana, and just gush about how happy I am for her, because she so wanted a baby, and she so deserves one, and goddamit I’d love to be Tori Amos’s daughter.

I should be looking up information on the best kinds of footage to stream, but instead I’m not. Oh, I guess trying to stream down the new Spice Girls video counts under that catergory, doesn’t it? Really. And I’m downloading Radiohead’s new album too. Fuck I love the Internet, I really do .

Oh, I put this out on my update list a while ago, but if youse guys who aren’t on the list would like to play too, that’d be nice:

Hi there Gang!
Yes, it’s your friendly list owner here. Again.
I’ve just had me a bright spark of an idea! I always get ideas for projects when I have the most work on. Anyways, I wanna make a magazine. Well, not really a magazine. More of a collection. A umm scrap book, if you will. But I’m bored of my content, so I’d love for you all to send me something, anything at all, and I’ll collaborate it all together, and we’ll just see how it goes. So can you do that for me, please? ANYTHING at all. Poems, stories, photos, your shopping list, scans of your grandmother, whatever. There’s a few people on this list, and if you’d all send me just one little thing, I bet I can make this work.
Thank you! I love you like Robbie Williams. You can email me your stuff to obviously, and if you wanna send me snail mail, just ask for my address.
Don’t be a Not A Team Player Nigel, okay?

Peter already sent me his contribution, and it’s very cool, but I’m not sure it’s quite cool enough to make up for the disturbing conversation we had at Randy’s 21st. And other people high on cold medicine have said they’re sending me stuff, and all, so that’s cool. I’m excited. If only this damn spice girls video would stream properly. Although, quite franky, video over the net is DUMB! Especially if it’s Quicktime. Oh, and props for anyone who emails me tomorrow to because I’ll be at tech codecing and would much rather reply to emails.

Updatefu Stalker Page

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