Sunday 17th, 2000

Who me, hungover? Not that badly I guess. Justin was cooking eggs this morning, ewwwww. It’s so strange and yet so natural to have our house full of people who all feel like they live here when they actually don’t all sitting around eating breakfast together.

I haven’t the inspiration to write up the party now, so I’ll just say a thing or two about it now. It was very fun. At one stage I went to the bathroom, and when I came out I thought “hmm, my bed, now that sounds very appealing” so I went for a lie-down and Shirley came in and started talking to me, and then Kate M and Maree, and I said to Kate M that I didn’t have any webcam photos of her because Maree was taking photos with an Izone Polaroid she won off Static, and so we turned on my computer and took some photos with my webcam and you can find them here. That was a very long sentence. Oh, the other thing I wanted to say is that Flat Survivor is now over, apparenlty. Kate B, Clayton and Justin were all on 9 votes each, so they teamed up and all voted for each other and are now all cooking dinner for us together. The menu is being negotiated currently. Wahoo! I’m a winner mate. No really, really I am. I mean, I managed to refrain from writing a really drunken journal entry last night, didn’t I?

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