Monday 18th September, 2000

Someone at has been looking at my webpage. Hi Bill!

Stats are fun.

Oh yeah, my day? Average to boring. I spent a lot of timing emailing lists to Kini. What am I going to do once she goes away on holiday? I mean, Jeb’s got a job now so I can’t email HIM all day long, and I only feel right emailing my tech friends when I’m actually AT tech. Oh the dramas!

Anyone know how to get trodden in mud out of a carpet? And anyone else wanna hire us a skip so we can get rid of the overflowings of rubbish we have as a result of our party? I must say, the most disturbing aspect of the whole party was the sudden emergence halfway through of a Tom Jones poster on our toilet door. I mean, being at eye level with this ugly Welsh guy when you are drunk and peeing is more than a little unsettling. No one has claimed responsibility for it, so I am presuming it was the work of Justin.

Actually, it was kinda cool in some ways having someone else have a party here, because although I did spend most of the day cleaning beforehand on Saturday, then I got to sit down and drink Sangaria while watching Justin prepare food and shit. I baked him a birthday cake, and he said he hadn’t been given a cake in like the last ten years, so that felt good. The not-so good aspect of it not being our party is the fact that we didn’t know all the people invited, and at one stage, the lounge was so overflowing with first years that we were scared to go in there, so the Gang + assorted hangers on went and danced in the hallway instead. But then we felt bad for fragmenting the party.

Instead, we went to the dining room, and played the Sexual Connotations clapping game, which was very amusing, but then Like a Virgin came on, and we all had to go dance. Ahh Madonna, how faithfully you have served. Then Shirley showed up, so Maree and I made her drive us to Foodtown for more wine. While we were there, these girls started staring at Maree funny, and once we got in a checkout line with them, they explained that they liked her skirt. In the carpark outside, they asked me if I’d bought the fabric and had mine made – I said yeah, it’s like really old Thai Silk and my mummy did it for me – they were going to a wedding, apparently, and were considering their fashion options. And then they complimented Shirley on her pants so that she wouldn’t feel left out either, how lovely.

Okay, I’m bored of writing all chronologically and everything, bring on the li tags.
Courtney, the first year that was co-hosting the party with Justin (although all she did was provide strong vodka jellies in admittedly very cool little wasabi/tomato sauce lidded containers) came up to me and Maree and Clay and Brad and asked us what we were thinking of majoring in. We were floored at first. Courtney went on to vomit on Brad’s toothbrush, steal his towel, and pass out in his bed.
We ran out of glasses, or there were too many people in the kitchen or something, so I ended up drinking my wine straight from the bottle. Todd told me off soundly for that, but it wasn’t my fault! Todd’s actualyl a teacher at Macleans now. Brad and Justin’s old drama teacher, Mrs. Winnel (sp?) came along too, and she was actually really choice. I don’t think I know any other 40+ people who’d seem so comfortable at one of our parties.
Although it wasn’t exactly OUR party, as they played Fat Boy Slim at one stage – ewww. Leyton quote from last year: “Now what could you possibly have against fat boy slim?” The other thing about the first years is that most of them smoked, wheras most 3rd years don’t. Go figure.
Nigel showed up really late and was like “I hope you don’t mind, but I brought along Lance and Daniel”. Hmm, now do I mind that he brought along Daniel??? Let me think about this one for a minute. (see last halloween’s entry for a full story). I ended up talking to Daniel in the kitchen, completely drooling as per usual, and was by that stage fairly drunk and reduced to being a babbling idiot – since we were standing right by the whiteboard, I explained Flat Survivor to him, but he didn’t look convinced. He was like “Is your bedroom still blue?” and I was thinking “hmm, is that like an invitation?” but Kate M told me he’s apparently engaged. Although where he found time for that after buying a housebus, I do not know. So that was cool.
Courtney bumped into Kate H, and spilt her red wine all over the carpet. I was horrified when Maree responded by instantly pouring white wine all over the stain, but amazingly, it worked!
Eventually, I went to the bathroom, and coming out, I decided that my bed looked very very comfy, so I went and laid down. Then Shirley came in, so we had a really good talk, and then Maree and Kate M, and we had more amusing talks, and took the very cheesy photos that I linked to yesterday. Finally, photos of Kate M can grace my web page. So yeah, hilarity all around really. Shirley claimed to be a sober driver, but I dunno if she was, really. She took Maree home eventually, and Kate M passed out in Brad’s room.
Almost everyone had gone when I went and sat on the couch outside with Kate B and Abott. She’d been obsessing before because people had the audacity to sit on HER couch, which she wanted to reserve. But she was happy to get it back. Eventually, I ahd to wake them both up to yell at them not to sleep on the couch cos that’d be heinously uncomfortable.
Justin and Ed were thinking about oging into town because everybody had left, but eventually they decided to pike and just go home, which didn’t impress me much. Brad and Kate H came back from their walk right about then, so I watched Dawsons with Kate H. That was the third time I’d seen it, and then I saw it yesterday with Maree as well and it wasn’t even that good an episode. But I wanted to hang out with Kate H some. She thanked me the next day for saying I was worried about her, and when I said I didn’t remember that, she was like “I knew you wouldn’t remember, that’s why I told you”. Heh.

So that’s about the party. In the morning, I dreamt I was in this bakery, when I saw a guy I’d seen once before. We chatted for a while and then he was like “I really want to see you again” so I was writing down my phone number for him, but I just couldn’t remmeber it, and he went all psycho and started smashing cars and windows because he was annoyed that I was taking so long, and there was blood everywhere and yeah. Interesting dream.

Okay, beddy byes for me now, I think, although Lullah has yet to come pawing at my door. She loves me more than Kate B, ha HA! Although Kate’s now back with her ex b/f John, so I don’t think she’s too upset.

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