Tuesday the 26th of September, 2000

I just cleared the dishwasher, because I figure I’ll save fighting with my dad over dumb little things for another day.

Oh yeah, for the information of those not on the list who already know this, I’m back in the family bosom again. I was a bit worried yesterday though that I wouldn’t make it. You see, Mum had rung me up about 8am leaving a message on the machine to say that it was snowing on the Desert Road, so I should go the other way around Taupo. I rang her back, and she named me all the towns that I’d go through going the other way round. Of course, what I didn’t realise at the time was that the list she gave me was from an Atlas, not a road map. So, her list and road signs did not corrospond. I got lost in Hamilton, which is never fun. And I could have gone another way and bypassed it all together, so I cursed Mum many times. I figured she’d just devised her route as a way of ensuring I couldn’t eat junk food on the way down – between Hamilton and Bulls, there was not a single Macdonalds etc on the way. On State Highway One, meanwhile, they’re in practically every other town. Ahh well.

So eventually I found signs pointing me towards National Park and I knew i was going the right way, and that’s when my car seemed to slow down. I figured maybe I was on a hill that I couldn’t see, so I changed from 5th to 4th, and then to 3rd. But that did nothing, so I went back to 4th, and my car was only going 40km an hour by then, so I had to change down, and I was in 2nd gear when I realised my car was dying, so I tried to pull over, but then it died completely. I was on a hill, but I couldn’t roll it down to the side in neutral either. I was not impressed. It was literally freezing outside of the car, and I was in open toed shoes. I put my hazard lights on, and prayed that there’d be enough coverage on Vodaphone for me to call the AA. There was, thank god, and while i was on the phone to them, two women pulled up to help me. They tried to roll it to the side too, without any success, but then a truck driver stopped too, and he pushed it a little bit, and it started it, amazingly. He opened the hood, and my battery was all bubbly. The women had a thermos of hot water which they poured over it, and so I thanked them profusely, and high-tailed it to the first station which I came across – BP in National Park. They werent’ actually a garage, just sold petrol, but they were still very nice, adn boiled me up a kettle of water which they again poured over the battery, and suggested it had probably just died because of the cold. As it was startign to snow, I could very easily believe them!

So it was more than a little nerve-wrecking driving through the snow, especially since I didn’t want to stress my battery out on headlights or the car heater. I stopped in Ohakune hoping to find something to eat (it was like 3pm then and I hadn’t had breakfast) but everything was shut, so I got snowed on and rang my mother to let her know i was finding my way. Neil had rung me a couple’o times but my crap cellie kept cutting out. I was rude and hung up on him cos you kinda need two hands on the wheel when it’s snowing. I finally got something to eat in Taihape, and was sooo soo grateful of the big gas heaters in the deli. Just on the edge of Taupo, I spotted the same hitchhiker that I’d felt bad for not picking up outside of Waioru, so I pulled over and he jumped in. His name was Robbie, and he was quite cute until I realised that he reminded me of the last guy i shagged, except Maori and with dreads. Still, he told me really amusing stories. He’d been playing a gig with his band in Hamilton, and when they left they were all quite pissed, and so they thought that a shape covered with a blanket in the van was him – except obviously it wasn’t, so that’d left him stranded. The guy that picked him up before Tokoroa was still so drunk from his 21st on Friday night (this was monday morning) that he made Robbie drive, and when they got to Tokoroa, he didn’t know where he was. The guy that had dropped Robbie off in Waioru had given him a thick shirt because it was so cold. So I felt good to be doing a good thing. People helped me out, I helped people out. Cool. Except of course that havign a hitchhiker meant I couldn’t sing. But I could talk to him, so that was cool. And I put the heater on as well.

Of course, one of my headlights was gone, so unless i had them on highbeam, which I couldn’t do all the time, vision was dodgy, and it was storming all over the place, so all in all, it was a very scary drive. I took Robbie all the way to Paraparumu, chatting intermittently, and then as soon as he was gone, ZM was turned up, and I started bopping along to pop again. I finally got here after 10 very very stressful hours on the road, but a hot bath and taking my contact lenses out made me feel much much better.

And today, Mum took me shopping, YAY! She warned me it was the last time she’s ever taking me shopping, as apparently soon I’ll be havign to support myself and all, but we’re going again tomorrow to finish up. I got a pair of fantastic pants. They’re flared, and they fit really really nicely, and they’re dressy, and they’re cool and they’re lilac. I wanted them in black, but they didn’t have them, so lilac it is, and that’s cool. Everybody wears black after all, so this is my new media savvy statement. Do you know how hard it is to type and do little quotey movements in the air at the same time?

Also, we went to Napolean in the Old Bank Arcade (which is just completely like the QVB for you Sydniers – inncidently, why is it that all of my favourite online journals are from that town?). The stunning woman in the shop who had red glitter in a thick line on her eyes (it looked absolutely amazing on her) who called me Sweetie did wonderful things on me with shiny green and blue eyeshadow, and I bought the green shade. Mmmmm makeup. I haven’t bought any in SUCH a long time. I wish I could have bought the whole store. They do half hour makeovers there for $40, and if I lived in Welly full time, I’d go there before our end of the year dinner. But I don’t. I wonder where else offers a similar service in Auckland.

Later we went to the airport to pick up Karen from the airport, only it turns out she jumped out of a plane while in Nelson. I so wanna go parachuting too, only I dunno, I’d probably wet my pants on the way down or something. Either that or the adreniline would turn me on so much that it’d finally be orgasmic. Karen’s apartment is still very cool. We’ve made plans to hang out some tomorrow, and hopefulyl she’ll come and see Oma with me. I intend to read a lot while in Wellington, to give my wrists a break. However, I do also have tech work to do.

Oh yeah, I got $230 worth of repairs done to my car today at the local garage – I needed a new alternator and shit. I knew that before i left Auckland though. I owe my mother that money, because I didn’t have a cheque book on me. I wonder how my conscience would feel if I didn’t pay her back.

They had a “Survivor Reunion” on tonight. I dreamt this morning that I was back in Room 6 at high school, where my social group always ate lunch, and i was pashing Greg off the show. He was a really interesting kisser too. Quite nice, just did strange things with lips and teeth.

Okay, I cold now. I will take the margaret atwood book I stole from Karen and retreat to bed. Baileys stolen from my parents’ liquor cabinet has made me sleepy. It’s funny how naughty I feel for doing that.

Oh yeah, talking on the phone to my sister Anji yesterday, she told me not to mention her, and threatened to hack me. Go on Anj! (that’s not an open invitation to the rest of youse guys though, just family only). I rang Kini hastily tonight thinking she was already gone, but she wasn’t, and I was very glad. She did, however, chastise me for picking up a hitchhiker, something my parents didn’t bother to do.

Oh, and I dunno what happened ot the entry for September 24 – I guess i didn’t upload it or something, and so now it’s trapped on ym Auckland computer until I go home again.

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