Wednesday the 27th of September, 2000

In a few minutes I will either go watch videoed Buffy or 3rd Watch, but first I will write a journal entry, so that way, everybody wins.

I went on a Shoe Quest today. Momma and I went to this place on Cuba Street where you can get handmade shoes to measure, except that I wasn’t all that keen on the styles they had samples of, they were going to cost up to $500 and wouldn’t be ready until January. I was like “umm, no way” so we walked out of there. Then I was looking at some Royals in Wild Pair, but I was a little hesitant about spending $200 on shoes that I’m not even sure I’d wear that often. However, very shortly after that, I spotted some pumas, and the pair on the shelf was even the right size (11 girl, 9 boy), and so we bought those. Later we were at The Last Footwear Company, and I was enchanted by their range of birkenstock clogs in all colours of the rainbow, but wasn’t entirely sure it was a look I could pull off. So we went and had lunch at Felix, and then went back to the shop. I tried on some clogs, and decided that I did actually like them. I just got black ones though, because I think that’ll give me more versatility in wearing them. I haven’t had new shoes in almost two years, so it’s not too Emelda Marcos of me to buy two pairs in one day. Of course, I might also be getting some 20 ups from Simon……

So that was fantastic. Momma also bought me a towel, cos I always lose mine, and some underwear. I got what advertises itself to be the second most comfortable bra in the world – the most comfortable, of course, being a spunky young man holding onto your breasts for you. Although I’d like one of those, the novelty would probably wear off pretty quickly, so I’ll stick with my touched by berlei instead.

After shopping, I hightailed it over to Karen’s apartment around 3pm, cos we were supposed to go see Ghostdog at 4. She wasn’t there when I rang her buzzer though, or when I rang her phone, so I went and had coffee at Laffare up the street, leaving her an answering machine message to tell her where I was. When I called her back later, she WAS there, so I went over, but neither of us could be assed going to the movie at that stage, so i just hung out in her apartment for a couple of hours. It turns out SHE has been hoarding all the best picture books we had when we were young, so I read through all of them. She tried to lock me in her pantry, which I didn’t appreciate.

We went to meet Mum & Neil at Coyote around 6.30pm. Dinner was okay, but a little too expensive for what it was, I think. Mains were like $22-$23 but I’d say the food quality was around $17-$18. One of these days, I’m so going to do a restaurant critique site, because if you’re not interested, my journal must get SO borign every time i come to wellington, because all I go on about is the food and the coffee. Oh well. Anyways. Over dessert, Mum tried to be funny and reminded Karen not to eat the little bowl that the icecream was sitting in on the plate. I complained that she didn’t warn ME, and so Karen said she would be very keen to see me eat the bowl, or even just fit it into my mouth. I sized it up. It was one of those little glass bowls, about 1.5 inch diameter or so, that they always put dips or aioli or tomato sauce in. You know exactly what I’m talkign about. I said “nuhuh” but then Karen was like saying “I bet you couldn’t do it” which meant I HAD to try. I cursed her a lot for that, because she knows that I can never resist a challenge like that. I picked the bowl up on my spoon so as to be more discreet, but I just couldn’t fit it in. I was so disappointed in myself. You win some, you lose some.

Mum’s off to Dunedin tomorrow for some pottery conference. I’m going to go see Oma on Friday probably, and hopefully tomorrow I can track down Si the little roguester. Oh, and I gotta make a start on a website for Mum, and also do tech work. And sleep in. And read my book. Life is packed!

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