Tuesday October 3rd, 2000

Yesterday I drove from Wellington to Auckland. I was just around Otaki, and tuned in to some provincial station when I heard them announce over the radio that flooding was apparently not that bad. I was like “Flooding? Oh shit!” because it WAS raining very hard, and that’s about when I drove over the Otaki river, which was all brown and fast and rough and overflowing its banks. State Highway One was flooded in parts, but there were always men with cones directing you to the other side of the road so I made it through okay. I didn’t pick up any hitchhikers, although I spotted a couple I felt sorry for. It was raining very hard, after all. Turangi Burgerking/Shell has the best bathrooms in the country to throw up in – they’re like seperate rooms for each toilet as opposed to flimsy little cubicles. Tirau Information Centre, meanwhile, gets massive props for putting fresh flowers everywhere. Whoever left a huge ass piece of wood in the middle of the road near Taupo gets massive opposite of props. There I was driving along happily just a little over the speed limit, singing along, and then all of a sudden, I had to come to a screeching halt to avoid this big hunk’o junk. I stalled my car, and skidded, such was my haste to stop. That got my heartrate up, I tell you. I should have done what the van behind me did – get out and move the wood off the road, but I was a little too shaken to think that well.

So that was yesterday day, spent driving. Much later last night, Kate and I went out to Dennys. We decided to be “hip” and “savvy” and “discuss” philosphical “issues” over endless cups of filter coffee and cigarettes on her part. Cue the bullshit conversation improv game. People are just like spring rolls, you know – all hard to the outside world, but on the inside they’re really just as messed up as the next one. Etc. We also devised a FANTASTIC plan for our next Flat Challenge – The Denny 12 Hour. It was gonna be “24 Hours at Dennys” but that’s a little too extreme, even for us. So yeah, we’re gonna see how long we can camp out there before we quit or get kicked out, sometime in the next couple’o weeks. Watch this space, cos you can come and play too.

Today I stayed in my pajamas, cos I was just sitting on my ass trying to put my project together. However, I’m sucking majorly at it, cos I dunno where links are supposed to go to as the content’s been divided up between the four of us, and I’m sure none of my pictures match their captions, and I don’t have diagrams etc etc etc. Nightmare. And I just remembered now I have to do my ID too, so that’s super sucky. Kate B and I were both grumpy tonight, but that’s okay, cos we still love each other really. We had a really really good talk at Dennys, and she’s agreed to take me out with her more often cos she actually does like me, and it’s good for me to get out of my comfort zone. With the exception of Wellington, I haven’t slept a night not in a bed in this house all year, and probably not very often last year either. Actually, that’s a fib – there was the night I spent in Hamilton in late january/early february when I ran away to welly earlier than planned cos of domestics. But other than that, yeah, everything takes place in this house.

Except oooh oooh, slumber party at Brad’s parents’ house tomorrow night, cos they’re away, so that’ll be exciting! We sat down and made an itemised list tonight in regards to it. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d go scan it, but it had bullet points and sub points and footnotes and everything. Kate’s made us promise to play Spin the Bottle. Oh dear. We staged and set up a great big mock for her tonight – we got Clay to start talking about the Olympic Closing Ceremony (see journal for my take on that), so I could be like “oh yeah, my favourite part of the Aussie Icons parade was when Albert Einstien came out dancing on a light bulb”. It was very funny for us, except for Kate beating me up afterwards.

Kini who i love dearly rang me tonight on my cellphone, and I didn’t know who she was at first. Then she said she was in Auckland, and I was like “OH MY FUCKING GOD” and I was very excited, because a while ago, Brad was teasing me going “waht if she’s not actually going to Tonga, she’s actually coming to stay with us?” – I wish! But apparently she was just in transit, and as she was only gonna be there for like half an hour it wouldn’t have been worth me getting dressed and going out to the airport to see her. Well, it would have been worth it if I’d even have been able to see her, but I probably wouldn’t have, so that wouldn’t have been worthwhile, but you know that even a minute with Kini is worth a lifetime of suffering. Grease grease.

Oh oh, despite the fact that he wears boat shoes, drives a Paj and is completley incompetant, we’re all in love with our (ex) landlord Ron now. Why? Because he left us a message in SPANISH on our answering machine, in response to our greeting. That’s so exquisitely classy.

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