Wednesday October 25th, 2000

Hi. I’m in the Coramandel. It’s all very weird and doesn’t seem real at all. Me and Kate and Kini (!) had been sitting around eating waffles this morning and I was complaining that Kini was going away in a couple’o hours, and so Kate was like “Why don’t you go too?” And so here I am.

It was so strange yesterday, opening the front door to find Kini standing there, smiling at me. I started crying, I was so happy. She’s got astonishing abilities to suprise me, and she means so much to me, it was amazing. She’s like my rock, and to have her turn up on a day when I was really low – wow. Then I thought we’d only get to hang out one night, but now I’ve come to the coramandel too, we hang out more, yay.

This aparment is so light and airy, it feels soothing, just like Kini’s house. So I’m back in self therapy again? Nah, not that extreme, but it’s so nice to get away from the city. The drive to the Coramandel was lovely – hills covered in ferns, winding roads that weren’t TOO winding, and lovely sunshine. Life is good. This place Kini’s booked into is amazing as well – a two bedroom apartment, all new and clean with TV, vide, stereo and all for only $80 a night. I can see myself coming back here again. It overlooks the inlet, all boats bobbing around and still water. There’s a rest home across the street, and – a little morbidly – a graveyard just up the road, opposite the rest home. ” This is what you have to look forward to….”

I looked around the graveyard, and it was mostly very old graves from the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was so chilling, although it was bright sunlight and just off the main road – I half expected creatures to leap up through the earth and grab me, but I wasn’t afraid of them. I think I watch too much Buffy. One of the oldest gravestones underneath this huge tree had red roses scattered all over it, which on closer inspection seemed to be plastic. Wow, maybe even Tairua has a Goth Community.

I walked down on the beach, sand spongy beneath me. I paddled in the shallow warm water, jeans cuffed and rolled up. I picked lemons from the tree overhanging the driveway, and made lemonade. this feels wholesome. This feels good. So did the crisp blue and white striped single bed.

I feel a little bad for skipping town the day before our Dinner, but Maree can text me if she needs me. I’ll drive back early tomorrow – it’s less than two hours drive, and go do all the things I need to do at tech – like classes. After the dinner, I’ll knuckle down – honest! But for tonight I’m relaxing, and spending time with one of my bestest friends. So there.

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