Tuesday October 23rd, 2000

If you could see me right now, you’d see that I was grinning like a fucking idiot, and grinning away like anything. However, I keep my curtains shut just because of people like you, so HAH, you CAN’T see me. Genius.

My day was very very shitty initially – I spent 2 and a half hours at tech desperately trying to reach sales of 70 tickets, majorly stressing out and getting bored out of my tree waiting for people to come to me. By the time I left we’d only sold 62 tickets, and I was very very grrrrrrrrr, and feeling like a pathetic failure and all that, even with the last minute sales bringing it up to 65-66. I was just completely sick and tired of the whole dinner plan, and wanted to forget all about it and I didn’t even want to go anymore. However, I went to drop off the deposit to the DJ man, and he was lovely, so that made me feel better. A couple’o calls later, Maree was confirming our booking for 68 people. So that was cool. I had to go out to the supermarket then, to get dinner foods, and also to go and get a new phonecord, because our extension one was dead, and unless it was replaced, there’d be no Internet for me. Grr, so much for not spending money! But then, I came home, and was sitting at my computer, when there was a knock at the door. I went and opened it, and there was Kini, so I was like “oh Hi”.

And that’s when I realised that hey – there’s this girl I love to pieces from Australia who was supposed to be in Tonga standing on my doorstep, so I started screaming and squealing and laughing and crying and everything, and I was just a little overwhelmed. Wow. Yay! Wow! Yay! She’s only staying a night, but WOW! Hehehehe. She said she’d been planning on suprising me for a loooooong time – at first she was supposed to come over to NZ for my birthday, but then her shit got fucked up and my shit got fucked up, and I ended up running away to Australia to recover anyways. Still, she’d been planning this since like August, and I’m astonished that Leigh and Oh and Thomas and Justin never let on. What bastards! And also, YAY, because wow, I was so so suprised, and it just fully made my day. week. month. year. Basically, I’m so stoked to see her I’m almost about to start blubbering again just to write about it. I’m trajic, yes, but she’s very very special.

Anyways, Clay and Brad were very excited to see her too. So much so that Brad stood up Justin to come out to dinner with us at the Dog. That was lots of fun. We made up stories about everyone in the restaurant. Clay tried to convince us that the guy a table over was giving him the eye, and he said that if he got up to go to the bathroom, the guy would follow him. Naturally, we made Clay get up to test the theory – and coincidently, the woman at the other table followed him up, but not the guy. Clay was pretty upset that his gay bathroom experiance wasn’t a happening thing – he said “I feel bummed” and Brad and I just about wet ourselves laughing at his Freudian slip. Johnno was working, and he immediately apologised for not doing our dishes, and so i said he could cook us dinner instead, and he said “that’s fair enough”. He really is a nice lad – unless he’s just working extra specially hard to impress us all. Or both.

Back at home, I showed Kini a video of various happenings at our flat including me kicking out Leyton, Dancing Simon at Clay’s 20th birthday, Brad doing the Spice Dance, and our Survivor Party because she refused to watch Spiceworld with me (what a sick bitch). Then we did lots of crosswords with Kate B which was actually far more entertaining than it really sounds. She convinced me to take Kini to the Zoo tomorrow with a very very enthusiastic list of all the animals we’ll see there. I was impressed, even if there were no bears. Tomorrow also, I’m wagging tech AND ticket selling last minute duties – maybe I should let Maree know – because I wanna spend time with Kini before she drives off to the Coramandel (go figure). We’re going to have waffles and Cherry Ripe ice cream for breakfast, sensational.

YAY! See, I’m just so so so yay. Good England, really. I don’t know if I’ll sleep tonight, although I’m very tired – I’ll probably be smiling too much. I’m such a sap, it’s terrific. Actually, I’m kinda annoyed though, because my day’d been so crap, so I figured I’d come home and have a huge big cry, which I’ve been building up to for ages. I haven’t had a major crying session in months and months, and I think sometimes it’s good to clean out the system, but now I’m so happy I can’t do it, dammit. And if you think I’m psycho for wanting to be unhappy, you’re taking me too seriously, but hey, that’s your damage, not mine.

I heart Kini lots and lots and lots and lots and lots. I’m not going to let her leave. Not ever. No no. She can stay here with me forever.

“I have a cock in my mouth!” – Popular Kate

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