Saturday November 4th, 2000

yo! It’s 4am, and I just got home. I’ve been in Space. Seriously. No, really I have. Let me prove it!

See, I have a third eye. I am an alien princess. So is Kate B. Onehunga truely is out of this world. Or at least, the party we just came back from was. Space – the final frontier. And there was shiny stuff all over the walls, silver wallpaper, and UV ceilings, and hosing stuff, and there were fires lit on the lawn, and people letting off fireworks. One room had dancing with smoke machines (i love that smell) and lights and lasers and mirror balls.

I struck up a conversation with the guy sitting next to me, just because he was quiet, and it turns out he was scottish – from Edinburgh even, and Trainspotting was fresh in my mind from reading it, but I manage to not mention it, cos that’d have been dumb. Instead we talk about MY castle – Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Sky. I go inside and dance to trance music, which is lotso fun. I go outside. I go inside. I’m queing for the toilet again and am just about to go in, when Kate B rushes up to me and is like “don’t go to the bathroom, come to the balloon room!!!!”

but I think I really must sleep now, so this story gets finished tomorrow. I wake up in 4 hours to wake up kate b and johnno. Damn her crap alarm clock! “………”

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