December 5, 2000

I no longer have a savings account. However, I do have lots of new clothes. Well, not lots, but a few select items in black, black, black and black. Gosh, that’s a lot of black. Maybe I should wear more eyeliner and start hanging out in the Treehouse cafe. Or maybe I should take up bowling before that. Yesterday and today I went shopping for my brand new (semi) coporate wardrobe, only I fared much better today. In town, I got me a pair’o styley black pants. They’re not exactly flared, but they’re kinda wide at the bottom anyways, and I dig them. At St Lukes, I got me a pair’o flat shoes. They look pretty much exactly like these ones.

In fact, they are exactly like those ones. In fact, they ARE those ones.
I also got me a little black dress. Well, it’s not so little, since it’s for me after all, but it comes down to just below my knees, and it’s sleeveless so of course I’d wear something under or over it, and if I had a matching jacket, it would be a suit. Me, scruffy Joanna in a suit that wasn’t originally my grandfather’s? Madness! Good thing I don’t have the matching jacket then isn’t it? I think it is.

Also, yesterday I got myself this sweater. Oh wait, i’m not putting it on right now. Or shall I?

I’m having terrible clothing dilemas about what to wear tomorrow. I wish Kate was here. The boys offered to help me decide what to wear, but they got sidetracked into discussing what music they’d use for the montage sequence. Typical. I have mentioned that I start work tomorrow, eh? Well, in case you missed it, tomorrow is the big day. I hope there is a branch of my bank near the place where i will be working so that I can get a “deposit slip” as detailed in my contract. Do you think they want like the little blue form, or a form for setting up an AP? I’m banking on the AP. Oh man, that was an unintentional pun, I swear.

I miss Kate B! I want her back! I cried yesterday leaving her BBQ. I guess she’s in welly tonight – I shoulda called her to ask her what to wear. I’m also very very very worried about Tallalulah – we took her in a box over to Theresa’s apartment yesterday, and she was all stressed out and scared and everything, poor baby, so as soon as I let her out of the box, she ran straight for the door to the balconey, and jumped off – two storeys high. We ran after her trying to find her, but she evaded us. She’d never been to Theresa’s before so she won’t know where to go home to – it’s a long long way from Freeman’s Bay to Greenlane. I hope she’s okay. If any of y’all live in Freeman’s Bay, and you spot a teeny tiny black and white cat (not a kitten) without a collar, email me and let me know, okay? But somehow I’m guessing that it’s not going to happen. I feel really guilty – if I’d only agreed to keep her, she wouldn’t be lost right now.

I’d also like to know why my stereo’s decided to start crackling intermittently. Maybe someone’s spirit’s trying to send me a signal or something. What’s that you’re saying?

“Subject to the provisions of the * Information and Meetings Act 1987, all transactions, records and information pertaining to the business of * shall be held in strict confidence by you both during the period of employment and also after its termination”

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