December 5, 2000


That’s me in my pirate hat. Actually it became like, cooler than a pirate’s hat, but it was a pirate’s hat in the first place. Brad and I were sitting in the lounge bored, so we decided to make hats. I made a matching fan. He made a sword. Then we decided Jeremy should play too, so we made him a hat and a parrot (which looked suprisingly like a Japanese Crane) and went and knocked on his bedroom door. We handed him the hat, and he was like “where are we going?” We like that in a flatmate! So we went to ye old town’o food.

Work today was actually very cool. I sent out my first professional email – admittedly not using my own login yet. I don’t have my own login yet, or my own swipe card, but I should have by tomorrow. Hopefully. What I did have, however, was a huge ass bubble blister from my new shoes and from pursuing information all over the Puna, but I deflated it. Where oh where does all that liquid come from? But yeah anyways, I did enjoy work a lot, except it’s quite challenging. Which yes, is a good thing, but I had to think! And think! And I feel kinda like I wanna have every single thing I do checked over, but I can’t, cos how unproffesional would that be? Apparently Trevor, who was also in my project team and my broadcasting team is working in the same place that I am though, so I must email him and maybe have lunch with him or something like that. Stoked that we both got jobs out of it!

Arrrrrrrrr! Arrrrrrrrr! I was all tired before and falling asleep while Shirley was over, but pretending to be a pirate invigorated me. I have a notepad with lists in it now. I like it. I have lists of work tasks, lists of questions I need to ask at work, lists of stuff I need to buy and bills I need to pay. It’s funny, cos I was doing all this stuff on the computer, and I felt fine until my boss lady #1, whom I shall call umm well I can’t think of a witty name right now, handed me a page on RSI stuff and readjusted my chair and keyboard level so that I’d be “right”.

“Subject to the provisions of the * Information and Meetings Act 1987, all transactions, records and information pertaining to the business of * shall be held in strict confidence by you both during the period of employment and also after its termination”

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