December 8, 2000

So I’m cruising around the East Coast Bays this morning, in one of the fleet of company cars, air conditioner and stereo cranked up, sun shinning, pohutakawas in full bloom and seas sparkling, and I was like “this is my job? this is what I’m getting paid for?” and oh lordy was I ever smiling! I had meetings around our various area offices today to discuss suitable venues for our roadshow. I felt so so fake every time, like a kid dressed up in her mother’s pearls and high heels. But i think I did well anyways. I wrote a three page report on my findings that my boss was too busy to look at anyways.

Course, it wasn’t all fun and games. Right after my first meeting, walking through a carpark in Glenfield, I discovered that my Thai silk skirt, made out of 50 year old fabric, was ripped right across the thigh and ass, and it would have been like that throughout my whole meeting. It’s always so professional to be clearly displaying your black satin panties, isn’t it? So I had to drive home, in the coporate car, and get changed, but that was cool.

I also got my “induction” today, so now I officially know where the lightswitches are. And the first aid kit. And I have full stationary cupboard priveledges – ph33r me!
I’m really really really dizzy right now – the desk is doing dives and leaning all over the place and stuff. It’s very very odd. I get to sleep over 5 hours tomorrow – exciting! Plus there’s a BBQ and goodbye drinks for Hayley. Everyone’s fucking leaving me. That makes me wanna cry. But I won’t, because mostly it’s just over the summer, and that’s cool, I’m too busy being corporate woman and all.

We changed our answering machine message tonight. Now it sounds like an ad in the personals column. I wanted to end it “I like walks on the beach, going to movies, kittens, commitment and SODOMY” but Brad wanted to say “FUCKING IN THE ASS” and we couldn’t agree so it’s neither. Which is probably slightly more palatable for the landlord and associated tradespeople that call.

Godboy broke into our house today and used up practically the last of our toilet paper. I’m getting a restraining order against him.

“Subject to the provisions of the * Information and Meetings Act 1987, all transactions, records and information pertaining to the business of * shall be held in strict confidence by you both during the period of employment and also after its termination”

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