Thursday the 28th of December – 2000

Today I woke up after dreams about tents and people I don’t know and decided to stay asleep all day. But then eventually around 1.30pm Mum came in and reminded me that Tom was upstairs and that he probably wanted to go home or something, so I had to get up. We played Trivial Pursuit again, because last night I only won because I got so bored of playing that I started reading the answers off the back of the cards as he asked me the questions (and I told him I was doing that, and to put the cards down on the table but he didn’t). However, today my mother and father played as well, and so of course Neil won.

In the evening, I went to see my lover again. I took my parents to meet him. I’m not entirely sure how happy they are that I’m running off with a bandit, but I guess they’ll get used to it. MMMmmmmmmmmm Lo. Neil told me that the characters for his name, Chang Chen, mean something like “massive earthquakes” which is so so appropriate, because goddam just one smouldering look is enough to make my earth move. You know I’m talking about “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” don’t you? It was funny, cos going in, I saw Jen Troup who’d come out of the previous session and said it was wonderful, Sam Benton was in the same session as us, and then Paul & Robyn were going to the session afterwards. So everyone’s going, and so they should too. Just as long as they keep their hands off my Lo. I’m going to go see it in Auckland with Brad again – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie three times at the movie theatres before. But it was even better second time around, when I could see just how complex the relationships were. Okay, so I’m a little obsessed right now. Well, more than a little.

My parents are going away tomorrow for New Years, which is good because they’re driving me mad, as I think I may have mentioned before. So, party at Joanna’s house in Wellington. Well, I can party by myself or something.

Andeee stood me up for our IRC date tonight, but that’s okay, because she wrote me an email beforehand explaining all the reasons why she might not show.

I’m SO looking forward to seeing my flatmates again. We’re organising the Garland Roadshow. Get it? We plan on pinning drawings to one wlal of the tent to be the Flat Art Wall, and stuff like that, spreading our special brand’o loving around the countryside. I’ve been texting Brad today with trivial discoveries, such as the origin of the word “Drongo” (a 1920s racehorse who was so bad its name became a putdown) and the fact that a group of bears is called “A Sleuth of Bears”. Hehehehehe. This prompted Brad to text me back saying he’d had an idea for a brilliant TV show – a group of bears go around solving crime. Now how cool would that be? Course, if I’m moving out to the Gobi Desert to live in Lo’s cave, I won’t get to see much more tv, but I figure the payoff is worth it.

I had dinner with my parents tonight at Little India, because I’d previously said I could murder a curry, although I changed my mind to craving Chinese. We sat by the door in a very nasty draught and hte place was waaaaay too loud – too echoey. The food was pretty average – I wouldn’t recommend it. I would recommend ‘Crouching Tiger’ though – have I mentioned that before? Especially the desert flashback bit. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry. I sit on the edge of my seat, I wet my panties, I lust and I long.

Helen rang me while I was in the movie (cellie switched off) to say hi as she was passing through welly on her way to The Gathering. Lucky thing. But still, we’re going ot have lots and lots of fun in Taupo. I got this email from Brad:


I really want to go and see that ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tiger’ film it’s got two five star reviews in the paper.

Why don’t you invite the barbarian to Taupo? Actually on second thoughts, i’ve heard some bad things about barbarians. Word on the street is that Genghis Khan wasn’t the greatest lover – maybe you should be careful. On the other hand, if you happen to meet a pirate invite him to Taupo by all means.


Okay, so that’s not so completely related to Taupo, but i fucked up my in/out index page, so I had to put that email in here. I’m a bit scared htat I’ll be bleeding in Taupo, which won’t be much fun in a tent (not that it’s ever much fun). I’m insomnical and having madass dreams which are always signs that it’s due soon. Still, I shouldn’t complain, should I?

The bump on my neck is still there, and it hurts a little if you press it. I think I’m growing another spine.

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