Monday April 2nd, 2001
Never trust Australians who tell you where to go when it’s raining lots and you’re supposed to be dropping them home after they were training you at work and there’s way too much traffic in Parnell. Even if they are very nice, and very apologetic.

We had someone come over from Sydney today to train us, obviously. I wore a suit for the occasion. He told me that The People Upstairs had been saying good things about me, which was very nice, even though it once again had me going “but I’ve done no tangible work! how would they know? I might just be smiling and nodding!”. Still, if you get a job when they don’t ask to see any of your (brilliant) work, or talk to any of your (fantastic) referers, there must be something right about your personality. Or at least I can pretend that.

Popular Kate sent me email at work today that said “You’re just a teenage booze hag baby”. If she’s gonna talk to me like that, I might just not go out with her on Pink Card night! But then again, of course I will, cos I love her.

Brad came around for a business meeting tonight, but just had to watch the rest of Shortland Street with me and Lou first, both of us in full Pajama mode. Once again, I will be doing his website in exchange for yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Just colour me a true professional.

What else? Hmm. My tummy hurts and I feel sick. I didn’t do my handwashing today. I didn’t do my laundry either. I am a slob. Micropause. Actually, bed time for little me, I think. I was falling asleep at work today, which made the nice Australian man apologise lots and think that it was his fault for not being a proper trainer.

“You should run for Mayor”

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