Just as I was getting really bored this afternoon and watching the Superbowl, KateB rang me and sounded really discontent so I said I’d go pick her up from work and we’d have coffee. Which is kind of exactly what we did, only instead of “coffee” read “chocolate martini” and there was a drive to The’Puna in there first to blow off steam. And whilst there we formulated a wonderful plan and fingers crossed, it will all come to fruition. So she came back here to drink bubbly and celebrate, and we made a lot of bad jokes at each other.
I went to see the pirate movie today but they wouldn’t let me in!
Why not?
Because it was rated “arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” !

That’s hilarious, you know.

So anyways, I was in the kitchen just starting to prepare her dinner when I heard this “miaow?” and then I started screaming and screaming and so she came rushing in but I was just being all excited because Olivia and Steve showed up! In fact, they showed up so much that if I get around to it,they even made it to my dancing monkey page. Plus Steve is putting Hubris on saturn5, so I love him even more. Anyways, I made them vegan pasta, and I did the panda dance for them and Kate joined in with the penguin dance, and so I have no doubt that Steve now thinks I’m a fucking psychotic, but hey, that’s okay. And it was excellent. And I love them. And I need to see them again cos they owe me presents. I love that excuse.

And then they went and KateB and I walked down to Fu, but it was all full, so I waited until a friend of hers showed up and walked home. The walk made me so hot that my glasses steamed upwhen I put them on when I got home, and that sucks. Oh well. And now I’m umm, what am I doing? Not much. Still being hot. Waiting for all my files to move over.

KatieB says that she’s going to wake me up tomorrow at 8.30am to drop off Mischa which won’t be any fun at all, except that Mischa is a lot of fun, so yay for that. And then I have other things to do later in the day which will be fun as well. Also I got txts from Ayna tonite so that was cool (oh my god, txt HAS taken over my life – do you notice how I don’t use g-h words anymore cos they take too long to type on a cellie?) except that I miss the Welly Massive, and also it’s amusing how much I’m so not interested in the person I was crushed out on over Xmas. But hey, people change and move on and all that, right? And besides, Diane didn’t wanna share me with him and how could I go against that?

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