the drum and the bass

Anji woke me up today to tell me that there was fresh bread. Why is there always food to eat in Wellington? I dunno if it’s such a good thing eh. But anyways. I grazed for a while and then I sat down and changed a pair of old jeans (circa 1995) into a skirt. Oh I’m so crafty. It’s all bunched up at the back a little because there were rips across the thigh anyways, but still, it could be a Zambesi skirt from like a year and a half ago, only not costing$400 and fitting someone who is definately not Zambesi sized. If you stretch your imagination a little anyways. And so after the stress of that, I had a shower and went back to bed for a while because I am, after all, sick. I hate being sick. It’s so goddam cold in this godforsaken town. Not that Welly really is godforsaken, but it’s fun to exaggerate, you know? Anyways.

Much later in the evening, Mummy dropped me off at Ayna’s. (uh oh, i’m in trouble for making too much noise. It’s only 5am, sheesh! or maybe i’m in trouble for eating rice and taco sauce at this hour). Since it was only her home for ages, we had great big girly chats, which was choice. It’s funny that I’ve only known her for like 2 months but we’re such good friends. And then her lovely friend Alex came over, so we all chatted away and then her lovely flatmate Brad came home, and that was even cooler. I love Brad because the first night he met me he called me beautiful and said he’d so sleep with me if he was straight, adn then another night he asked me if I’d ever considered modelling. Tonight he called me a goddess and asked me to marry him, and then Alex and him kept burying their faces between my breasts and nuzzling me, while I shrieked with laughter, ala Olivia at Ben’s 21st. It was amusing, to say the least.

And then finally, there was Bass Frontiers at Studio Nine, dancing dancing dancing dancing, and that was excellent. Around 3am or something like that, I was just starting to leave, but then I bumped into the boy I used to have a crush on. He was coked up to his eyeballs, and made me go dance with him – I found myself very pliable. He kept hugging me and stroking my arm and stuff, and I was thinking “dammit, you’re like, six weeks too late” but of course, it was just the masses of drugs that he was on. Eventually he disappeared so I took the oppotunity to run away and try to leave again, but i got sidetracked sitting outside talking to Alex and Sam. And then Dan came up and made me go dancing again, but finally around 4.30 I managed to escape again. Tiiiiiiiiired! Siiiiiiiiiick! And it’s a $20 taxi ride home, SUCK. But that’s okay. Apparently there’s some hiphop showcase tomorrow night and so I will go to that too, because I like to spend money. I might even get something of a chemical nature, because fuck, I deserve it. Yeah. Excellent. Drugs are really fucking cool eh. Do drugs kids. Be just like me.

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