the hip and the hop and the house house house

Sleeping in until sometime after three is excellent, especially when you get up and aren’t at all sick, unlike your sister and crazy Linda who came home an hour after you so drunk that they were incapable of making tea and toast and you had to do it for them. Heh.

Karen came around for dinner tonight so we had quality family time, watching a very funny Halloween Simpsons episode. And then I txted Ayna to find out what time i should go around and she told me that Dan and Mike and Adam were already there, so I could go any time. So I got Neil to drop me off – I really should have made him come in to meet Brad, seeing as how we’re engaged and all now. Anyways. So we hung out and played records and stuff, as you do at Ayna’s. Adam was really good at beat matching. I’m afraid to even look at her turntables for fear of breaking them. I had a big discussion about Briteny Spears vs The Spice Girls with Brad and Mike, but I can’t remember what the winning verdict was. Eventually the boys took off, Brad decided to stay home and Bobby showed up and drove me and Ayna down to the Foundary.

Yay for seeing Katy Troop again! Everyone at the Foundary was gathered around their dining room table (although they don’t have a dining room as such, just a massively huge lounge that’s big enough to hold dance parties in) doing what they called “Russian Cocaine”, so I did that too. Russian Cocaine, apparently, is slices of lemon with sugar and instant coffee grinds on top, which you put in your mouth and wash down with shots of vodka. It’s a really weird combination eh, and it kinda knocks you back really quick for some strange reason. And I had conversations about movies with people at film school and we tested someone who said that they wanted to work in Continuity by making him close his eyes while we switched necklaces and stuff to see if he’d figure it out – and he always did. So I’m sure he’s got a bright future ahead of him.

Eventully me and Ayna and Kartini and Bobby went to Phoenix for some hip hop thingie – I can’t remember exactly what it was called but it was something to do with Wahine, since it was all Women stuff. It’s so strange going to dance parties at Phoenix, since it used to be the Repatory Theatre and I used to do drama lessons there. Now the Green Room is a very nice bar with boothes and big windows, and the main theatre bit seems so much smaller. I like dancing to hip hop and taking half pills. I’ve also decided that i wanna become an MC when I grow up because the girl that was doing it was just so fucking cool and excellent.

Katy and Kartini both left, so Ayna and Daniel talked me into going to Sandwichs at Sub9 with them (ha, that whole sentence sounds just a little kinky, doesn’t it? Make your thighs like butter, easy to spread, and we can make sandwichs. You can be the bun and I’ll be the burger girl, we can make sandwichs. Etc). It was $35 to get in, and that was on top of the $18 for the hip hop, but I figured, why the fuck not. After all, this is my last chance weekend at Hedonism before I go back to tech and actually knuckle under and do lots of work. I am very super glad that I let myself be talked into it. The music was super cool and fun, and for house, it was really realyl diverse and not all gimpy. SO I danced and danced and danced until my feet blistered, adn then I danced some more. I lost Ayna and Dan so I went upstairs to 9bar to chill out for a while, then went and danced some more. Eventually though, i found myself wanting to yell “STOP TOUCHING ME” at everyone who pushed past, and the whole crowd thing was starting to really really freak me out, so I went and jumped in a cab and went home. I’m not even going to start to think about how much money I’ve spent in Wellington.

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