Just Jump

Saturday, February 23rd

Icould become one of those really annoying people who tell everyone each and every one of their dreams so easily, but I will try to restrain myself from telling you about weird airplanes and trips to Rarotonga with stopovers in Mexico and floating in a hotel room and my dad telling me to put away my bear suit or it’d get sooty. Oh whoops. Anyways, today I was woken by Kara talking loudly and giggling in our hallway so I was yelling “SHUT THE FUCK UP” very quietly in my head. But I managed to get back to sleep until I heard the phone in the lounge ring, and then my cellphone. It was KateH wondering if I wanted to see her fall out of the sky, so of course I said yes and got some clothes on.

Maz picked me up twenty minutes later, while I was sitting on the steps outside of my building, eating cruskits which I have redeveloped an obsession with, something I do every four years or so. We went to KateH’s house and picked up her and her flatmate Karen, and headed off to Mercer where Katie was schedualed to do her tandem skydive that we gave her for her 21st. The Skydiving place looked like some sort of cult lair – temporary buildings and caravans and big tanks of gas, so that was somewhat scary, although the people all seemed nice. However, it turned out that the weather was too bad (they asked us to please drive back over the Bombay Hills and take the clouds with us – gee, is it that obvious that we were from Auckland and not south?) for Katie to do her jump, so I think I’m taking her back tomorrow, maybe.

Instead, we went to the Mercer Cheese shop, which was filled with all sorts of Dutch goodies, as well as a lot of cheese. We also got petrolfrom the service station run by Carnies (which you may remember from my story about when KateB kidnapped me and took me to her flatmate’s bach). Then, driving on the motorway home, a car in the lane next to us decided to pull into our lane, in the space that we were currently occupying. I yelled “FUCK” really loudly, and Maz swerved and honked – they were literally about 3 inches away from hitting us before they saw us. Fuckheads. Check your fucking blindspot! So that was exciting and very scary. Maree handled it wonderfully, of course, being the amazing girl she is. Also, she gave me PR advice so I really should be starting some work instead of downloading Fleetwood Mac songs so that I’ll have something appropriate to play if I ever get to do coke (Daniel is funny).

When we got back to town, I didn’t feel like going home and sitting around doing nothing so I got Maree to drop me off at The Departure Lounge so I had a blissful coffee and scrumptious huge berry pancakes that I couldn’t finish, and laughed my way through Fashion Quarterly magazine. Pah, fashion!

Tomorrow if I don’t go to Mercer I will clean my room, I think – or clean it to the best of my abilities given that all my furniture is just in the middle of the room waiting to be moved out again so that the floors can be done. But I guess I could unpack my suitcase, that’d be a good start. I’ve been very bored lately which leads to me spending far too much time in bed, napping and whatnot. Also, my head doesn’t feel like concentrating on anything so I can’t read any of the stack of books that I borrowed off Karen. I just want to read Ben’s FHM magazine but Kara has shanghai’d that into Clay’s room. I suspect that was just improper use of an apostraphe so I apologise if it got on your nerves as much as it would annoy me to read “your” or “you’re” in the wrong place. There is no excuse for that in this day and age!

Oh, I dunno if you noticed it or not but on my main journal index, I’ve now put up links to 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001. So this is my fifth year of online journalling, crazy! Someone said to me tonight “awwwwwww my little girl’s all grown up” (that’s not a direct quote cos I had to add in an apostraphe to make him look betterand pluse I guess you don’t know the context) and maybe he’s right. Just don’t ask me when I’m going to stop sleeping with a teddybear though. Or stop taking my washing home to Wellington with me. I did notice though that Tripod has taken down a very old semi-secret site that I used to have – I wonder if maybe they found the content offensive or if it just expired. Luckily my second ever page can still be found here on Geocities. Dig that funky colour scheme and multiple font use! I really should put that link permanently on my dancing monkey homepage, I’m sure I’m amusing enough to warrant that.

You know, this whole sitting on the floor thing is so over rated. I would kill for a massage right about now. I wish it was really really really cold and then I’d have a really hot bath and that would be nice.

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