Yesterday I was woken out of a nightmare by JeremE calling to see if I wanted to have lunch with him <!– yeah duh! –> but today’s dreams were just about weird Japanese supermarkets rather than flat-out nightmares, so that was good.

Ben pissed me off totally totally by borrowing my car “for fifteen minutes” when I told him multiple times that I needed to go out before three and so he wasn’t to go have adventures. Luckily I was clever enough to delay my work appointment by half an hour, because he got back at 3 exactly. Ooooh I was angry. He claimed he’d only been to work and to Oporto and to the petrol station but then when I got in the car I realised that he must have been hotboxing it. Grrrr. No more car access for him. But anyways, I made it to my 3.30pm meeting anyways and got my briefing. I’m going to need to talk to Maz about it,this whole doing PR work for free for charity.

Oh look, and now I have nothing else to say. My fridge is full of food as are my cupboards though, because I am currently rich, since my parental allowance went through this week, as did my last week’o dole (although to be honest, I have yet to call them and ask them to stop it) AND Ben finally paid me bond, like, five months after he moved in. And so therefore I had enough money to go to the supermarket and vege store, as opposed to only ever having enough money for Mercury Plaza and cheap wine. In fact, I even went to Mercury Plaza today and bought only lemons, because I’d forgot them at the vege store and I realised on my way home that I needed them for my spinach soup. I can’t make spinach soup as good as KatieB, but I suspect that might be party to do with the fact that she puts cream in hers, wheras mine is the vegan version.

Also, I finally hung the big purple mosquito net I got for Xmas over my bed and it looks awesomely cool and vaguely haremy.

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