Desserter’s Music

We’re in some girlie strip club somewhere and the dancer looks EXACTLY like some girl I fucked a couple of years ago, only with bigger breasts, and so it’s a little odd for me, and Nikki’s like “txt everyone!” and so I do, and then I stop to pause and wonder how the fuck I got there. And then so I think things through, and it’s KateH’s birthday, and we’re BYOing at Caravan Serai, so there’s a couple of bottles going in me as well as some lamb and hummus or something and I’m talking to lots of Kate’s friends, and wanting to set Jarrod up with WellyBrad, but they’re both refusing to call each other, so oh well. And then I’m with Nikki and Nichola, and we’re in Nikki’s car, and then we’re parking and then we’re paying a cover charge and yeah.

Later Nikki drops me at Khuja, and I’m apologising to KateH for complaining to all her workmates about the music they play, even though I know that they agree with me, and I keep calling Lovely Paul on his cellie and laughing at him trying to figure out who it is. And then eventually I go home, and there’s lamb&rice turkish on the way home, and now there’s exlovers and tears and water being spilt all over the place and oh my god, this is too excruitating.

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