It’s midnight, I have class at 10am tomorrow and I need to read two chapters in (the only one i can find/afford)my text book for IMC before I go to sleep, so really, I should stop making myself an Amazon Wishlist (that’s right, click it and buy me stuff – pretend I’m a hot cam girl) to compensate for the fact that I can’t make a wishlist on adultshop.com . But hey, how can intergrated marketing communication compare to sex toys and/or cds, dvds and books of the nonsexual persuasion?

I re-read Microserfs the other night and I think for the first time I was truely struck by the love between Dan and Karla – at times it made me catch my breath. I’ve been all emotional lately, it’s kinda fun. It also made me realise how much I subconciously try to write my journal like I was Douglas Coupland, with lots of one sentence paragraphs starting with “Oh,” but I think we can all see that I’m not at all in his league.

Oh, but I did discover today that the AUT cafe sells vegan muffins, so that was good to find out. It’s interesting that although I am no longer a practicing vegan I still tend to naturally choose the vegan option if there is one. I guess that’s me trying to be healthy.

And you realise that I started that last paragraph with an “oh” when it so didn’t need one, right?

After three hours of classes and an hour of doing my Not-For-Profit-And-Completely-My-Own-Initiative-Work proposal, FINALLY, I went and got a haircut at the training academy (hey, I’d pay ten dollars just for a shampoo any day). The woman who cut my hair was very nice, but she was a bit of a talker and allIwanted to do was bliss out. I love people playingwithmy hair. Fucking space bar. Grrr.

Tonight I watched the new NZ telly programme – The Strip. It wasn’t too bad actually. I like stuff filmed in Welly except that I get too anal about it and want to tell them off for driving the wrong way to the next apparent location if you know what I mean.

Oh again, and I can’t find the actual link to my wishlist, but it’s pretty short right now anyways. You can find it if you look up my obvious email address on Amazon.com I’m sure. And also, if you feel inclined to send me sex toys, you can do that too. Thanks.

And now I will go and be studious andgood. Okay, bye bye.

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