So, I haven’t actually finished writing my speech yet (and I have to do it tomorrow!) but I don’t really have any doubt in my ability to talk my way out of my own ass (ha, how’s taht for taking a couple’o cliches and muddling them up?) so I’m sure it’ll be fine if I take a little break and wait for this mask to set on my face and write my journal. Woah, that was quite a long sentence just there.

Today Maz came and talked to us in our PR Forum and at the end she came over to me and said “I’ll call you later” and it was so her attempt at being Carolyn Ryan saying hi to Nigel when she lectured us in Journalism second year (inncidently, why do all guys think she is the hottest news reader in the world?). After my lecture I tried to play some kinda weirdass Simon Says game in the quad but only so I could get a free LiftPlus. Students are such whores for free shit, even if it tastes nasty. Another lecture and then i went home and got stuck in on my speech again, until I got distracted by a nap.

My shoes from Willow Shoes got delivered today, yay! They’re the burgandy Mary Janes taht you will find on page three of that site if you’re really into stalking me that much. They’re lovely, and so are the people at Willow Shoes, who sent me a bath bomb as a free gift, and then wrote to me to tell me that my thank-you email had made their day. Awww. People who supply me size 11 shoes deserve all the love in the world. Yesterday I got a pair of new jeans, and they’re flared and soft and lovely, but maybe I should have got them in a size smaller because they sit reaaaaal low and they’re not supposed to. It’s weird, when I put on clothes that i haven’t worn in ages, they’re all looser too, which would suggest that maybe I’ve lost weight, but I look a whole lot fatter, and my skin is bursting with ugly pustuales, and I’m just generally unattractive right now and meh. My hair is looking good though! I did find it amusing that only KateM noticed i’d had it dyed.

My face isn’t quite ready to peel off yet though, so I will hold off on my Patrick Bateman imitations. My mummy is coming up to Auckland for a Potter’s Convention over easter, so I’ll drive back to Welly with her and her friend Paul and stay down there for a week. This means that I’ll get to go out with Ayna and Daniel et all, and hopefully get a chance to catch up with Fatty, who I haven’t heard from in a million years. You suck, Fatty. And KateB too, hopefully, unless she’s back by then, and she’ll say to me “have you lost weight?” and make me feel happy. And Tom too hopefully. I’m looking forward to the holidays, even if before then I have this 20% speech, and a 10% Com Strat, and then oh yeah, there’s that 50% IMC essay due next wednesday which I can’t yet even understand the question of. Guess who will be spending the day in Borders on Thursday buried in the Marketing section? I figure it’s only fair to use it as a library since it’s an evil empire and everything.

Why is hotmail so fucking slow tonight? Of course, i just realised that zFree is ending its service at the end of April so I’m going to have to actually pay for an ISP which means that I’ll be able to use a mailprogramme again, yay. Damn webbased mail, nothing but trouble! I saw my landlady today and she said that my room would definately be carpeted by the end of March, she was just waiting for the carpet people to come in to do one fo the apartments on the ground floor. She’s renovating the apartment of the motorcycle man who was killed in an accident. Last night I moved the dining room table into my room so that I have a proper working surface – you will of course remember that my desk is very dodgylike, and unlikely to survive an assembly then disassembly whilst the carpet is being laid. Of course, this does bring up the issue that when I have carpet again, I will no longer have any excuse not to put my bed back together. I don’t think I want to though! Having my mattress directly on the floor is really comfortable, and as anyone who’s ever even sat on my bed can attest to, it’s damn noisy. Squeak squeak squeak. Then again, since I have to put up with Kara’s MOTHERFUCKING GIGGLING all the time, so what if Clay has to hear my bed moving around, even if I’m just sleeping in it by myself very innocently? And I don’t care if I piss Ben off, because fuck, he’s pissing both me and Clay off more and more on a daily basis. I bumped into Bopa the other day, one of the lovely girls that I met on Boxing Day, and she’s living up here now and is unhappy with her flat. Clay’s friend Adrian is also thinking about finding a new flat, so Ben had better pull his socks the fuck up, that’s all I can say. Well no, that’s not all I can say. KateH offered to make me labels to stick on all my food to try and get him to stop eating it, so yes please dear,if you have time!

Maaaaaargh, I must take a break from my computer. Hurry up and call me, dick.

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