Top’o the morning to you! To be sure, to be sure! You see, the ting is…KateMandIwentout to celebrate St Pats day today around 2.30pm. It’s only like 9.30pm now but I had to come home cos she had to go elsewhere<!– answering a booty call, no less –>. I’m full of baileys and guiness and doing easter eggs right now so I’m fairly content, especially since it means that Ican review how far I’ve come. Last St Patricks’, she said I was thepopular one, yet this yearit was her with the homeless people asking herfor kisses. Apparently I will be popular next year, we’re taking turns. Her friend Veggie Jason also came out with us (as opposed to ‘Hot Jason’) and so that was fun. Her and I got stick on tattoos from the barman that said “Kiss me,I’m Irish” so we had txting competitions, trying to send that message to more people, but we both peaked at 15 I think. Or was it that we each had 15 people starting with J in our phones? Something like that. KateM is a bad influence on me.

When did I last write? I suspect it was some time ago. Friday I braved insane traffic and lack’o parking at lunchtime to bring KateH Mercury plaza for her lunch, because I love her that much and also because I’ve behaved badly towards her lately and while that doesn’t make up for it, I’m all about tokenism. Later that evening I met up with her and Nicky and two of Nicky’s friends at D72 and we had dinner and fun and then a big drive around Mission Bay (“Nicky,are you taking me to a lookout point? are we going to make out?”). Then I went to the supermarket in Mt Eden for beer and C batteries (life’s essentials) and figured that since I was in her neighbourhood,I’d go see KateM. So I hung out with her and Elliot, and I ripped my skirt all the way across one of its panels. Damn fifty year old perishable Thai silk! So that sucked. Elliot tried to talk me into going out to dance to house music, but oh please. However, he did say that he’d go on boat tour’o the Ports’o Auckland with me, whichwas immensly pleasing since everyone else just laughs at me when I suggest it. Come on people, it’s FREE! So there. Anyways,eventually I had to go home cos i was falling asleep, and also because my skirt was so ripped.

On Saturday Shirley came over and we hung out and then Richard came over and we hung out some more. We’d intended to go dancing at bEd, but by that stage we were too ‘tired’ to actually move, so we had to give that one a miss. But still, it was nice to spend some quality time with her. Which brings us to Sunday, which is today, and which is where I started this journal entry.

Someone just sent me an AIM going “this sounds like a weird question but are you short?” I talked to them briefly but they kept saying “lol” so I started to ignore them. Lol my ass. OOOh, FINALLY I can get ahold of my Diane, so I will go and call him now and refuse to scan my nipples for him, on the grounds that my scanner isn’t working and I only offered to get his attention.

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