gotta dance

Today was a long leisurely lunch with KateH, devouring the wonderful vegetarian antipasto at Roasted Addiquition (I can never spell that right) <!– She said terrible terribly funny things –>. After that she asked me to drive her to St. Lukes to buy socks, so I said okay, temporarily forgetting how much eviler malls are when they’re crowded on public holidays. But hey anyways. So she got socks, and then cos there was a big sale on we went and looked at underwear and she said “you’re going to write this in your journal aren’t you?” but I’m not going to write what she thinks I am going to write, so HA!. Apparently I am not to email her to her work address to ask what kinda panties she’s wearing though – go figure. Bonds panties kick ass. PANTIES! PANTIES!

Then I sat on a sofa in a clothing store and read magazines while she tried on other clothes. A girl stripped off her top to try on something else in the middle of the store – I was suitably impressed. I heard someone else say “Bok! Bok bok!” so I immediately thought it was o and I spun around but it was just someone random commenting on a feathered top. Stink. I guess I just had panties on the brain. After that there was lipgloss and eyeliner purchases at Kmart and we walked around for ages and ages trying to find a present for her younger brother. I was full of helpful suggestions like “what about a toaster?”. She ended up buying Singing in the Rain for herself, and we went back to her flat to watch it. That film kicks ass! (Sidenote: when we were in Farmers, there were tshirts with lame logos like “girls kick ass” on them. There was one that was okay, but fuck, I can’t remember what it said now, except that it should have had an apostraphe in it but it didn’t, so she couldn’t buy it). But anyways, yeah, now I am wishing that I was a tap dancing star, and lusting after all the clothing and houses and stuff in the movie. While we were watching it the phone rang and Mazzy scared Katie by singing the title song down the wire at her, because she was after me and Clay had told her where I was and what I was doing. I love my stalky stalky friends.

After that I went home in time to meet my mummy and her friend Paul who have been in Auckland for a potters’ convention. We went and had dinner at Fraser’s in Mt. Eden, which was really really yummy – I had a kaffir lime infused risotto with bok bok bok choy and crusted chicken breast, mmmm. And because the place was unlicensed, they had to come back to The Slab afterwards to drink a bottle of wine, and it was uncomfortable cos Ben was around and he was being his usual stupid moron self. They’re gonna be back here in exactly eight hours to pick me up so I guess I should finish packing and get some sleep. I’m all warm and glowing from a bath using the passionfruit and echinecia bath bomb that Willow Shoes sent me. Also, my willow shoes are great and I love them a little more every time I put them on.<!– gee, look at how fucking self centred I am – “I” had lunch, “I” drove to St Lukes, “I” am self centered – that’s terrible, I’m such a terrible person –> (Explanation from 2010: the Hamilton guys attacked me in my guestbook for daring to be upset when I found out that Scott had died in the cheese factory)

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