Two hours of sleep is NOT enough to sustain a growing girl. Oh no. So Mum and Paul picked me up around 8.15am and kept trying to talk to me while i went “I’m not awake yet” and then “mm” “mmm” “mmm” til they finally stopped asking me questions. I tried to spread out and sleep in the backseat all the way to Tirau, but Mum has a tiny little grandmother model Mazda, so there was absolutely no room, especially with a candlelabra sticking out of the boot over the seat. How do people have sex in cars? How is there possibly any room or comfort? While we were watching ‘Grease’ the other day (okay, we were bored) I was speculating that Iw anted to live in the fifties and be a ‘bad’ girl, but now I think I take that back. Anyways. So we got to Tirau and Paul being the Yorkshire man that he is demanded bacon and eggs for breakfast, and the only place offering that was a terrible cafe where the coffee was so bad i couldn’t drink it and his food looked so awful that i had to leave. So I took a walk through the picturesque town of Tirau instead. Wow, what a town!

The rest of the drive was loooooooong and moderately excruitating. The highlight for me was listening to one of Mum’s tapes – a mix of the hits of ’84 and ’85, which i knew almost every word to. Man, I used to LOVE Pia Zadora. Anyways. So I’m in Welly now. Anji gave me a bead necklace she made with the letters ‘B’ ‘J’ and ‘Q’ hanging from it, and if you don’t know what that means then it’s in a Liz Phair song called ‘Flowers’ and if you still don’t know then I can’t fucking help you, eh buddy. Bopa emailed me to say that YES, she wants to move in, and so I am very very excited. I also promised her that i will call Charlotte and Allie, her old flatmates. Fatty called me which was lovely, and then I popped over to KateB’s house to see her cos i haven’t seen her in weeks and yeah, yay, it’s all good. Lots of socialising to do, DJ Zinc on Friday probably and I might even build Momma a webpage while i’m at it.

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