Sleep in til late then walk around the house in crisp navy sheet, as opposed to semi-soggy light blue sheets, and eat brie and fresh breadlike I never do in Auckland and listn to Anji and Mum snipe at each other which is pretty wearisome until I go and take drowning showers and then Anji and I do the supermarket shopping and probably save our parents hundreds of dollars by buying cheaper brands, despite the shampoo and stuff we throw in the cart as well. We were even so good that we didn’t throw batteries in amongst it all. Rah rah rah. Yet despite it all, I still had to eat meat and potato and vege for dinner. I’m used to vege vege vege and rice. Do they really have to use that much vegetable oil/add that much dairy fat? No, no they don’t! But they still do, ick!

Evening was the usual grab a couple’o cheap bottles from their racks adn ask someone to drive me to Ayna’s. She’s got a new flatmate so it was reaaaaaaaaal weird walking in – the place was tidy adn there was HOUSE music playing! Crazy. But yeah blah blah blah rah rah rah Ayna and Daniel and Katy and Brad and then it turns out Brad was engaged to Katy the whlole time he was engaged to me so we slapped him lots and were dancing and dancing and dancing adn there was some hiphop thing somewhere thtat we walked to, but I’m not really sure where – did it used to be the Fat Cat cafe? And yeah rah rah sleepy so I went home an my cab driver said PR was bullshit and I was sure I had him in 95/96 when i first fell in love and so he was laughing at me and yeah and telling me about how good the sixties were and fuck i’m tired, bed and smothered noises for me! xojo.

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