The Past Four Days in Non-Linear Form

Please chose a letter to begin with, and then just follow it on with the >>>. Where you want to start is up to you. It’ll be fun! And crazy! And wacky! Oh yes. Thank You.


The cute dreaded singer covers The Cranberries’ ‘No Need to Argue’ and while I never liked them, because they were just totally Party of Five music, I like it when she sings it, although it almost leaves me crying. “You’ll always be special to me” etc, and there’s a line in there about watching TV together or something. I am NOT going to go for a re-run of all that, even if there’s a different actor playing the role. >>>
Karen and I went to see ‘Queen of the Damned’ and I enjoyed myself immensely. That’s not to say that it’s a good film, because it’s terrible really, but it was well worth the $6.50 just to see Stuart Townsend parading around in leather pants the whole time. Mmmmmmm. Suck me! Suck me! >>>
The pretty lady with the Betty Page fringe gives me a star sticker on my hand.>>>

KateB takes me around to Jess’s, who makes me tea and we sit in the warm dining room once her daughter Megan has gone to bed. She’s a beautiful four year old, parading around in a tiara and she makes me yearn for babies too, even with Jess’s other daughter Aida screaming in the other room. Jess and Kate tell me all the gossip about people I went to Onslow with, and it seems that the Cool people haven’t really moved on a great deal. They’re just working terminally in hospo and still hanging out with the same people. And in a way, that makes me happy, just like it makes me happy to think that the people who tormented me at ASIJ are probably all soccer moms now, and have cheating husbands. >>>
I called KateB and she was tired and grumpy with me, and said not to expect any sympathy, and while that’s her perogative and she apologised later and it’s cool, and I understand and would probably do exactly the same in her shoes, it made me sad. So I called Tom but he was driving other people’s children around and wasn’t able to talk to me for very long. >>>

Later on Wednesday Night (hey, that’s tonight!) KateH and I went down to The Temple to pick up lesbians. Well, that was possibly my motivation anyways. Since I don’t wanna put words in her mouth, I will presume that she was going to see lots of girls with guitars singing, and also cheap beer. Some of hte singers were not so good, some were excellent. My favourite was the cutest loveliest girl who you can sometimes see busking on Queen Street. She has dreadlocks and a lovely voice. She sang Bic Runga’s ‘Hey’ and it was much much cooler and even a little spooky. And now I can’t find my Bic cd and that pisses me off. >>>

Clayton and I played Good Cop Bad Cop today when we woke up Ben at 4pm to tell him we needed to talk to him. Once Ben had put his shirt on, I said “Okay, bad news sweetheart. I’m giving you two weeks notice as of tomorrow. I’d like you to move out. I need a flatmate who will pay the rent on time and replace food that they eat”. And then I left the room so Clay could be all nice and consoling about it, which is kinda silly cos Clay wanted him gone just as much as me. >>>
One of my friends received a semi-love letter after she told a guy in a bar that he should take her out to dinner and gave him her address but not her phone number. She’s all excited about it and we planned where they should go and what she should wear and discussed all the ins and outs of what time would be best and whether a weeknight or a weekend and blah blah blah and stuff and it was really fun. I was all envious of course, cos maybe I will end up all alone, a crazy old lady with lots of cats after all. >>>
I got some of        my paintings laminated and they're now hanging on my wall. Princess Princess        Princess Princess. >>>

Dinner with my parents and Anji at Cafe India -> Movie with Karen -> Dessert with KateB -> stopping by Ayna’s to say goodbye = “London – Paris – New York; it was the most exciting night of Barbie’s life!” And I feel like maybe I should be wearing a pink drawstring bag, not unlike the one that all my old manicure stuff was in that Mum made me go through cos it was in one of the zillions of boxes. >>>
How could I only be 43% pure? >>>
What’s the point in having easter eggs if I just keep telling everyone where they are? >>>
Anji’s flatmate Matt (who used to go out with Melanie Lynsky, so he OBVIOUSLY doesn’t live in the real world) has a glass cabinet full of Starwars Figures and one of those walking thingies from Empire Strikes Back sitting on top and some other big thing too and when I was looking at them all I was thinking that the old Craccum people would be wetting themselves. My first boyfriend Robert (I was four) had the Ewok Village and I remember being upset cos Leia was wearing trousers and I thought that all girls should wear skirts and have long hair at that stage. Anji’s other flatmate Gregor said something about how I don’t really seem to live in Auckland at all. >>>
Bopa will be moving in sometime on or before the 28th; I’m absolutely fucking stoked. Also, lady-friends of mine, I’m thinking Girlie Slumber Party on the 27th; we can perform a ritualistic cleansing of Ben’s room, then wear pajamas and watch girly videos and give each other makeovers and giggle and talk about boys and stuff like that. Okay? Cool. >>>
I wish I could sing and write songs too, and be a singer-songwriter lady. I would love to write songs that could make people cry. Sure, there’s not a musical bone in my body, but is that really necessary? I would say that I will just stick to writing stories, but that’s not something I do particularly well anymore, although I used to be GREAT at it. Check out the art and grace of the bodice ripper I started writing when I was 13 that is currently being made-over at Swinney. “Womanly Treasures” and “Creamy Swells” indeed! >>>
Once again, I’m not sleeping, but at least I know now it’s cos I’m bleeding. So what, I’m becoming regular or something? Get out of town. I guess it’s fine as long as it doesn’t last for ten days again. >>>

aim: back.
hubrisconz: where did you go?
aim: shower
hubrisconz: ahh
hubrisconz: damn, I knew I was supposed to be watching your webcam!
aim: you were.
aim: it’s wireless, remember.
hubrisconz: fuck
hubrisconz: do it again!
aim: :p
hubrisconz: not even for a poor sexually deprived girl who managed to pick the labels off her botttle TWICE completely without it breaking? >>>
When I got off the plane yesterday, I didn’t recognise the airport at all, so I freaked out and thought that I’d landed in Christchurch for a while. Turns out it was just a new terminal. I guess Chch wouldn’t have been so bad anyways – I coulda seen Tom and maybe Justine. >>>

I got woken up today before 8am by the council people banging and drilling and hammering and making ungodly amounts of noise down in the garages. Apparently they’re putting in a new drain, so Clay’s been leaving out my car key for them so they can move it around. My landlady rang to remind me not to park it in my garage tonight cos it’s still wet, and I apologised that our rent has been going in late lately and I told her that we’re kicking Ben out as a consequence and she said “That’s fine, you’re very reliable, Jo” which kicks ass. Apparently the carpet guy says that he’s got a piece of carpet cut to fit mine and the hall and the dining/Ben’s room so that’s why my room hasn’t been done yet. >>>

My car door is open and the ignition is still running and we’re talking and I’m saying things that probably shouldn’t be throwaway like that. >>>
Simpsons Episode; Nelson and Lisa are up by the observatory and she’s talking so he kisses her and his thoughts say “this oughta shut her up” while hers are saying “my first kiss, I always wondered what it would be like” >>>
Beer for at home beforehand, then chocolate for at home afterwards. I know how to prepare. Clayton laughs at me for it but he should pay more attention since he’s currently doing two weeks storylining for a certain TV show that most NZ readers probably watch nightly. >>>
I’m wearing earings which I don’t often do, although I used to feel naked if I ever left the house without them. Then again, I used to wear all makeup except lipstick, and now if I wear anything it’s lippie. >>>
Now I’m back in Auckland, I don’t need to hide in my room so that my mother will stop asking me so many fucking questions! And I don’t have to go through any more boxes of knicknacks and books and everything trying to decide what I want to throw out, what i want to take back to Auckland and what can be put up in the attic. And she can’t laugh at me in the car anymore and call me pathetic, excellent. >>>

On Sunday night, we went to the Bentons’ for dinner and ended up playing Balderdash for hours. Kate left the room when our collective sets of parents started talking about sex but I knew that doing that would just encourage them, so I sat through it. She and I had a big fight with her dad about exploitation -hmmm, now I’m sure I wrote about that already but I haven’t journalled since Saturday, strange. >>>
I reread “Alex” and “Alex in Winter” cos they were discoveries amongst the boxes. Man I love those books! I also unearthed the Narnia Chronicles, but at the last minute Anji thwarted my attempts to smuggle them back up with me, so i guess I’ll read them in July. Currently I’m reading ‘Lady Oracle’ by Margaret Atwood. I’m afraid one day I’ll have as horrible a marriage as all of her characters seem to have. >>>

And the bit I don’t understand is why you kissed me tonight.

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