So this is my friday night; watching Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire and answering my second telephone survey in three days. I’m even wearing one white and one blue sock. Ahh well, at least Hugh Sundae is on the telly now.

Idly channelsurfing, and then on J2, I find “Anchor Me” and I wanna go to Lundy Island and see green waves and whirlpools and cliffs and all that too – maybe in some parallel universe. Ha! Only me and one other person have any fucking idea what I’m talking about there (Well, maybe KateH too, since she keeps track of every detail of every conversation we ever have, like the good bitch she is, even if she went to Maree’s tonight instead’o hanging with me).

The next video I see is some ten minute epic by Tool, which sparks off a big debate – Tool vs Grooverider. See, they’re both on the same night, next Saturday. I saw Tool in umm 1997, and I wasn’t that impressed, but I think it was just a one off bad compromise. Listening to the video, I really really wanted to see them playing again. I mean, I’m no D&B afficinado – for me, anyone can play the records and i’ll be happy cos there’ll be dancing and quite possibly halves, or wholes. But then again, the Welly Massive are probably gonna be up then, and I told KateH I’d go to Grooverider with her. So, oh the dilema! Eventually I decided that yes, Grooverider would be the go, and I’d compromise by buying the Tool cd as well. I mean, the concert tickets are probably $60+, and I wouldn’t have anyone to go with up here. But then of course, I found out that Grooverider tickets are $50 anyways…. oh the drama! But Grooverider it is, I guess, unless it’s already sold out, or unless i win Tool tickets.

At this point I’m bored and hungry and so I get in my car and go in search of food. I decide to go to Mt. Eden Foodtown, since i’d just done a phone survey praising it, and plus I get to drive like a racing car driver down Alex Mckinnon Drive – 0-70 in umm some short period of time. But just as I’m getting to Dominion Road, I realise that there’s a Police Stop set up, so I start to freak out. Please please please don’t let them breathalyze me! Of course i haven’t been drinking (remember my holy trinity of unbreakable laws – no drunk driving, no unprotected sex and no violating the Two Year Code), but if the police stop me then they might spot that both my registration and my warrant have waaaaaaaay expired. But they don’t, thank god. Clean sailing all the way home.

Hang on a second Jo – how many tenses are you writing in?
Oh shut up, you – what are you, a Journal Nazi?

When I get home I intend to sit down and watch The Great Train Robbery but I got momentarily sidetracked cos Risingson was on m2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 3D from Massive Attack. I think it’s mostly his voice that gets to me, makes me melt in my panties (PANTIES PANTIES PANTIES). Actually, he looks a little like Elliot, who I really must txt, cos I still wanna do the port tour. KateM said he was actually serious about wanting to go and not just calling my bluff – excellent! And we were gonna go to the zoo to which I have never been, but I hope that they have bears. Although I dunno if I want to see bears in jail. That’s why I could never work for the Bear Patrol in that town that Ewan Mcgregor went to. Heh.

But the Great Train Robbery was excellent, as you can expect of any old school movie staring Sean Connery. I’m sure in the book that there was a kiddie sex scene, but I can so live without that. Half way through the movie I went to the bathroom, and then I heard Clay, who was supposed to be sleeping yelling “help! help me!” in a really terrified voice. Freaaaaky. So I called out to him and he was like “umm, I’m okay”. I went into his room and he said he’d had a nightmare so I gave him his teddybear and a hug and kissed his forehead all assuringly. I’m such a good mother to my baby. He now has a sticker stuck to his door that says “Boy” and I have one on my door that says “Girl” just so that there’s no confusion. I got the stickers as part of my karma reward pack.

Karma rewards, you say? What good deeds has Joanna possibly done lately that she deserves a reward for? Well, I got up early today to go to the charity organisation that i’m doing voluntary work for and did a ton of photocopying stuff so that I can start my media summary project for them. I also agreed to be their research bitch once I’ve finished that. This is unpaid work that I approached THEM to do, mind you. I’m an angel, really, and finally that’s been acknowledged. I won a Garbage MAC pack off m2, containing all their albums, a single, a nice diary and some MAC makeup. Consequently, I put it all on and posed in front of my camera for hours and hours and hours today. I’m so vain, I probably think this journal’s about me, I’m so I’m so vain. Etc.

Also, I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to know that my nipples aren’t half as sore today as they were yesterday; an unfortunate combination of period-caused hypersensitivity and extremely cold errectness that had me pretty much screaming in pain for a little while (And if you ask why I write so much detailed crap about everything, it’s because I can. You just wait til I start detailing my bowel movements).

Shit, I just realised that the bear I gave Clayt is one that makes funny noises when you squeeze it – I hope he doesn’t roll over on it and get a fright and die, cos that’d suck. It’d mean I wouldn’t get my tenth anniversary cruise with him, after all!

Maz & Kate – 12 sleeps til B-Gone Day. You two are far too excited and happy about this!

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