I accomplished a great deal today.

  • I made it to my Communication Strategy tutorial at 10am, aided by a chai latte from the coffee cart at the building door, which I managed to drink most of while waiting for an available lift. There’s real problems in that building eh. In Com Strat I got back my first mark’o the year – 8/10, so I was pretty pleased, cos that’s pretty good really, especially since it was 7/10 until I talked to him about it. That one percentage could make or break me, you know (this coming from a girl who got 50/100 in Intercom).
  • I arranaged a meeting with Jinan to discuss step two of our assignment and told her my preliminary ideas for it, which I’m going to base on my work with the NSCC. Go public consultations!
  • I signed up for another casual dogsbody envelopestuffing type’o job with a PR company.
  • I went to a BNZ cash machine and banked two cheques (thanks Oma and Phenomenom).
  • I went to an ANZ, waited 15 minutes and freaked out when the woman said “oh, you’re in the red $400” until I was like “umm hang on, I’m supposed to have a $500 overdraft so it’s okay”. I showed her my student ID and finally she got the picture and reactivated my student status. Phew.
  • I went to Borders where they informed me that I’d cancelled the book I’d ordered from them (oh really?) but a little more computer digging clarified that apparently I’d re-ordered it, and it had just arrived that day. With a $250 price tag on it. I said “that’s not $70 like I was quoted, eh” and took my business elsewhere, after buying remix for the d&b cd attached.
  • I had healthy vegetable sandwich and freshly squozen juice for lunch.
  • I bought my textbook for PR from the AUT bookstore instead. $95 is still ludicrous, but not quite as bad as $250. Blame your wholesalers indeed, will you Borders? Well it’s nice to know you won’t be putting everyone else out of business with prices like that!
  • I rang the hospital to chase up my ultrasound, and had to get all “oh, maybe I got my wires crossed then” when the woman I was talking to said she was the only person who made the bookings when I tried to tell her that the last person I spoke to said she’d call me back with a new time. She demanded a doctor’s referal, so I had to ring up Dr. White’s office (remember the days when I had her number memorized because I was so needing to find out what the fuck was wrong with me, and I was hoping that it was physical rather than mental but it wasn’t?) and they were much nicer and more helpful and said they’d mail me a referal to fax through. And then I remembered that I want a full STD screen before I turn 22 and have to pay for it, so I rang them back and made another appointment.
  • And then I went to Persuasive Communication after Haldine had tried to put the fear of God into me about not having a topic for my seminar already, but Rosemary was lovely about it and so now I’m doing a discussion of any public campaigns to change the attitudes and behaviours of people, and I’ll be focusing on the drink-driving ads on the tele. I have to find some theory to go along with that too though, which will be the difficult part.
  • I rang Bopa and offered to help her move in tomorrow only she’s going to wait another week which is probably good cos it’d be annoying for her to be living in our lounge while Ben’s still occupying his room (seven sleeps!). She confirmed that Ayna, Char, Alison and two guys that I don’t think I know are coming up this weekend, and we decided that if they were all going to Grooverider, we’d just hang out at home together cos we’re cheap. This is possibly my biggest accomplishment of the day; spending money on textbooks instead’o tickets and pills. Mummy would be so proud.
  • I came home and spent quality time with Clay teaching him how to re-insert racks into the oven, and then we went out to boxhouse for dessert. One of his workmates was there and eventually he came over to introduce himself, and he was looking at me quizically since he’s met Kara before and Clay and I had been doing the holding-hands-over-the-table-staring-into-each-others-eyes thing that we so very often do to pisstake. When we left, they were leaving too so I put my arm around Clay and pinched his ass quite visibly. Anything to stir up gossip, right?
  • When we got home I called up Anji and got her out of her grouchy mood with gossip and panda dancing. She validated my parking ticket, so to speak, and that was all good.
  • I mastered the art of asp since Peter has taken it upon himself to make me a thingie in it <!– which just goes to show that asp programmers are infinately superior to PHP programmers who take the head but don’t finish the job they’ve been paid to do–>.
  • I was thrilled to discover that Jim Lewis has obviously read my Jul01 and jul05 entries from 2001 and emailed me to say so. Yay, celebrity!
  • I made myself up in lots of pretty pale green eyeshadow and red lipstick and took lots of badly lit photos. I love makeup.
    So yeah, that was my day. How was yours?
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