Is it asking too much to be able to get to sleep before 5am? I mean, really. So I missed classes today because I can’t function on 4 hours, or maybe just because I’m lazy and not as motivated as I should be. Maybe I will fail at PR too, along with every other major career plan. I’d make a good housewife. I cleaned the oven today, which hasn’t been cleaned since we moved in.

Face contact with the world today – a total of ooh about half an hour with Clayton. Also, there was the lady at Mercury Plaza who I think was suprised when I just got stirfried veges instead of something involving tofu and a lot of chilli. A one minute phone conversation with KateH who doesn’t think she can afford Grooverider, so I dunno what to do now, I guess I’m waiting on the word from the Welly Massive as to whether or not I’ll be attending. Two phonecalls for Clay that I had to make chitchat to, and also a lady calling me to say that her daughter had cancer and I had to tell her that I’m not that Joanna, and that she’d dialed one number wrong. I also watched a movie with Corey Feldman in it, and since him and I have such a special connection, I’m sure that counts as facetime too.

I don’t even get any email or talk to hardly anyone online anymore – that’s assuming that I can actually get a connection in to the Net. Which reminds me, I really must get a paid for account. And go to the bank to show them my student id so they don’t charge me fees. And call Greenlane hospital about my ultrasound. And buy a present for Kara’s 21st. Oh yay, these are a few of my favourite things.

Intermission while Joanna goes for a restless drive to Greenlane to give her computer time to connect and to get wine in the hopes that it’ll induce sleep.

Half an hour later, the supermarket yeiled:

  • cruskits
  • blackbean & garlic sauce
  • 2 ‘C’ batteries
  • Healthy Choice Oven Fries
  • Shiraz
    Apparently I saved $1.96. Late night shopping makes me buy erratically. You know, marvellous stories have been written for me based entirely on my shopping lists before, so you should all pull your socks up and hop to it. Thank you.

    Oh my god, someone sent an instant message to my nerve ad. That makes me laugh, even if it was over two weeks ago and I only just picked it up. And they called me beautiful too, excellent. I’m such a sucker for that word. Hehehehe.

    What else? Hmm, I wonder if I should inform Anji that I’ve just promised her and I to give head to one of my friends in a rematch for the title of BJQ (which she surrendered to me) if we’re ever all in the same city <!– to waferbaby daniel, even –>. Nah, She’ll take it like a man, I’m sure. I’m currently reading about celebrities losing their cherries on and wondering if Brittany will be on the list in five years or so. I’m also wondering why the world (read: me) is so preoccupied with whether or not her and Justin ever actually did it.

    Ramble ramble ramble. I’m thinking maybe my email’s broken cos I’m not even getting spam. I remember my bachelor engineering uncle ringing us once to get us to call and see if his phone was broken cos it never rang – it wasn’t. Okay, this entry’s so turning into babble, so I should just save and upload now, right? Cool.

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