nuts to you

Gentlemen start your engines – it’s one month until my birthday. Don’t worry, I’ll post my wishlist real soon. Start saving though, cos we’re looking for things such as a cd burner and some new glasses, and maybe even some panel beating due to rust, a new back side window and registration and warrant for Inco.

Today I’m sick, just for a change, throat all sore and coughy. Needless to say I lazed around on the couch for most of the day, wickedly missing my Per.Com class and I’m hoping and praying that I won’t get in trouble for that. Because I was home today, I was able to take a phonecall from KateB in Wellington, and in the space of twenty minutes, she managed to say the following things to me:
1. I’ve got low standards.
2. I’m a geek.
3. I’m a nymphomaniac.
4. I’m paranoid.
I think there were a couple of other things too. What I should have said to her was “OH YEAH KATE? WELL I HAD SEX WITH SAM AFTER YOUR TWENTYFIRST WHILE YOU WERE OUT WITH JONNO”. Ahh longtermbestfriends are great, aren’t they?

Also today I spent ages and ages and ages on the phone to the LTSA getting the run-around, but eventually I managed to get put through to a very lovely and helpful guy (in the PR department, naturally) in Wellington. While I was talking to him, he was like “So you’ve got some Sublime playing there in the background?” Sublime? Do I sound like I’m from Paeroa (Gil – if you’re reading this, email me!)? It was just one’o Bopha’s reggae cds I think. But other than that, he was very cool, especially since he promised to personally courier me a video of the assorted road safety ads. Yay for helpful people!

In the evening, after her and Bopa got back from Kung Fu, Emma started making honey roasted peanuts from scratch. It got to the stage where she was individually coating each one in salt/sugar so I was giving her a hand when the divine Kyla showed up, bringing me my True Colours ticket which she sold me for $40 rather than the $50 they retail for because she’s lovely and I’m a poor student. YAY PACIFIER! I’m wetting myself in anticipation. Then Berrin, Leo and Will came around and we devoured communal food from troughs (okay, so it was a big baking pan of chickpea nachoes with lettuce – SO fucking yum) and now they’re watching Kung Fu videos. But even watching it seems to sap my strength, plus I’m sick so I should get an early night. Fuck, it’s 2am already. Bed for me soon I guess.

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