So I’ll write this quickly cos it’s actually really really really cold tonight. Let me firstly start out with a great big AAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHmotherfucker! You know how my computer is brand new operating system and all (so new in fact that it has no Microsoft Word on it, causing me large amounts of swearing and throwing stuff and having to go into tech at 8am to completley rewrite assignments that group members thought only needed to be a bulletpoint list – um NO)? Yeah, well you all know that, but what you probably don’t know unless you’re in my address book is that I HAVE A VIRUS. This is why you should never ever use Outlook Express, kiddies. It was one of those horrible ones with attachments that are hiddenly imbedded, which I used to receive like 1 a day of which was fine when I was using hotmail, cos it could read the MIME headings properly and not open and install the attachments, but of course Outlook is gimpy and stuff and GRRRRRRR. I think I cleared it – I only realised I had it after I started getting weird emails that I didn’t send returned to me, and then IMDB sent me an automatic email saying they were blocking me for being infected, but luckily they also included a link for where I could get help from, so I went and read and learned and downloaded and cleaned. Phew. But still, motherfucker! In a virus related note, did I mention that I DON’T have any stds? I don’t think I did, and I worry that while I wrote very explicitly about the smear process I didn’t mention the fact that the tests all came back negative. And that’s a good thing, and I guess my reward for this whole celibacy 3.0 thing which I am SO bored of.

What else? Today I went out to Henderson again to pay the rest of the money to the gentlemen who fixed my computer for me, and Peter hooked me up with some stuff that I needed and gossiped with me for a while. Peter – just imagine that I’m reading this over your shoulder if that makes you feel better. And don’t forget to give me a login and password for what we were talking about. And don’t do freaky shit with my stolen site design or I will have to give you the bash. I also went to my IMC class for the first time in ages and ages,and got my essay back. I got 41/50 on my Branding essay! I kick so much ass! I’m pleased cos it really clarifies for me that I totally made the right desicion to come back to school. I love learning.

Do you know what else I kinda love? Job interviews. Or at least, I love the one that i had yesterday, because I was confident that I have all the skills that they want, and they asked me questions that made me think, and plus I think we all know how much I enjoy talking about myself. And it’s been a while since I got to dress up in a suit, and that’s always fun. It’s a part time job doing Communications work, and really, it’s ideal. I had to send them some writing samples afterwards, but of course I’ve lost every file from the past five years basically, so I sent them the interview I did with myself (and please don’t tell me you’re all of a sudden going “ooooh YOU wrote that?”) and one of my Com Strat essays. Today I went to fax them some articles i wrote in 1997 but the fax wasn’t working so maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

Other things I’m loving today include The West Wing, as usual. I’ve decided that I want Allison Janney to play me in the movie’o my life, so she’d better some getting young real quick smart! I think I(‘d like to) see myself kind of as a cross between CJ and the trailor park trash she played in Drop Dead Gorgeous. When I saw my landlady yesterday and told her about my job interview she was like “but who could not love you Jo?” which is always nice to hear. I would also like to hear the sound of workmen laying down some new carpet, but hey… Also, Kyla kicks ass cos she’s gonna sell me a ticket to True Colours for only $40. PACIFIER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me while I wet my pants in anticipation. Oh my god, lots of exclamation marks are so tacky aren’t they? Why yes they are. Anyways.

Tomorrow I will make grovelling phonecalls to the LTSA to see if they can send me copies of their road safety ads so I can present them in my seminar on Wednesday. Members of the general public – being youse guys – if you’re in Auckland and you know me and you’re watching anything you videoed on TV and you happen to see a road safety ad, could you please email me straight away and let me have the tape? Thank you I love you! And also if I sent you an attitude and behaviours survey, could you please send it back? (And I’m SO sorry if I sent you a virus, I really hope i didn’t). I’m actually brimming with good ideas about my seminar right now, so I guess it’s just a question of getting it all down. Still, I don’t think I’m doing anything at all this weekend, so there’ll be time for that then. Stink.

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