and half the time i think he’s staring at my breasts and i want to say “hey you’ve seen them before, if you want to see them again, just ask” but i don’t

Tuesday June 11th

So I was meant to be able to say one down, three to go, but I’m still not entirely sure. And then maybe it’s a different one down, or none at all. Meh.

Bops asked Emma to move out this morning, and she totally understood, and was perfectly lovely about it, so it’s all good, we’re on excellent terms and she’s still gonna come and hang out all the time, so I’m happy. Everyone needs their space. And I didn’t have to be too much of the bad guy.

Then I went to Newmarket to have lunch with JeremE, so that was cool cos I hadn’t seen him in a while. It wasn’t that sunny outside, but my shoes were feeling really comfortable so I walked home, and I’m so glad that I did, because it was a really really nice walk. I just laughed lots when the wind nearly blew me over. Also, because I was passing, I went into work to see about my pay which hasn’t gone through (ha! call me a procrastinator will you?) and Terri said she’d chase it up for me and told me when she first started hers hadn’t gone through for a month. Eeek. Other highlights of my walk included kinda passing by where *IV lives, and I was really hoping I’d bump into him, but I didn’t, so oh well. (And no, that’s not me being a stalker because as has been previously stated, he lives right next door to my place’o work, thank you very much).

So I went home and discovered that Bopha had been drinking coffee all morning, as had I, so we were both completely mad and screamed a lot and she did some breaking and also some Kung Fu poses with her pom poms to Pluto before she completely crashed out (Have I mentioned lately how good all of redlightsyndrome is? It’s FUCKING good. Go buy it). I crashed out with her cos she has smurf pillowslips and did my best to drive her mad with a continuous loop of “Bopha what should I do? _ or _ ? or _? Or blah blah blah rah rah rah it’s all about me and Tom says _ but KateB would say _ and I can’t go with my instincts because I don’t know what my instincts are” until she threatened to steal my cellphone, get all the necessary numbers out of it and sort my life out for me. I actually kinda wish she would. Other people got text messages or emails with the same whinings contained within, only more abridged. Online now, Tom’s like “What would CJ do?” because I think we all know that she’s my role model (You know, CJ from the West Wing. I want Allison Janney to play me in my movie, so she’s gonna have to not get any older. I see myself as kind of a cross between CJ and the whitetrash lady she plays in ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous). But I don’t we can deal with it all this way. Ahhh my life is so trivial and silly. It’s great.

Bopha was gonna get up and go to Rasoi and was trying to tempt me to go with her, but ultimately she was too lazy so I made potato curry instead, and then Emma showed up to get us to go listen to Will spinning at Brazil but then she stayed for curry and oh my god they both went on about it so much. Apparently my Indian Potato Curry is the meaning of life and it tasted like it was cooked with love (“maybe that’s because I haven’t stopped talking about boys all fucking afternoon although love hasn’t entered the picture” – “if that’s the case Jo, you should always be thinking about boys when you’re cooking”). I stacked the kitchen (although it’s messy again now, damn Kara) and took the recycling out, and changed my bed linen because I was feeling domesticated. And now I’ve been spending far too long online, so I oughta get. I’m disturbed though – no one’s emailed me so far to ask for my address to send me birthday presents. Does that mean that you all already know where I live or what? I mean, think about how much I give to you each day with this journal. Really. Don’t you think it’s time that you gave something back? (And could I fish any more? No I really don’t think I could. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to give myself a nice hard slap). Also, Daddy has booked me a ticket on the 3rd to fly down to Wellington, so he is cool.

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