So you found it then did you, Justin?

I had a kickass day today. Four hours at work that pretty much flew by somehow – I finished all the data entry so I’m safe until the next time (which will probably be in two weeks). Oh! Teri taught me how to make flax flowers for a display board. They’re fun. I think there might be some flax in the bushes across the street, so I will have to investigate and make some more. Craft is weird, it reminds me of all the stuff my mother did on her Craft Design diploma – and the “stuff” too.

In the evening, I went out for dinner with KateH. Tonight I am wearing my shiny vinyl/rubber/hybridy type skirt that I got for my 21st. I haven’t worn it in ages cos it’s kinda loud sometimes. In fact, when eeveryone kept asking me if it was new, I had a think and realised that the last time I wore it was in Australia, when O and I went to Revolver and danced to Guns’n Roses, then kidnapped darling Daniel and made him perform puppet indecencies. But to get back to the point, I look good. I even have half a cleavage, thanks to the wonders of squishy padded bras (“You’re gorgeous” he says, and I say “it’s padded! Ha! False advertising!” and struggle with the hook as he laughs). KatieH came over and brought me red bull from her fridge at work, which I had to drink with vodka to prevent stomach ache. Then we walked to Saigon and ate beef with lemongrass and curry, chicken with garlic and chilli and a honeytasting bottle’o reisling. Yes you fucking care about the details. It was so cool hanging out with her, I always forget that we should spend lots of quality time together. And then I rang Maree and she picked us up in James’s car, which was a little worrying when you’re standing on K’Road and a random car honks and pulls over and the occupant accepts your price of $20 for the pair. We bought her dessert at GPK.

I love Maree, and KateH too. They’re funny. Maz went home then, and Katie and I went to Verboten for a quiet drink, and then Safari Lounge. We also went to the Grand Central and I got introduced to a guy called Greg, and she whispered in my ear “that’s Greg Johnson” and I was like ooooh right, that’s why he looked familiar. He even got up to sing with the band, and then there were too many people and I felt myself warming up to a minifreakout. What the fuck is wrong with me? I never used to be so claustraphobic. Oh well. Taxi home, and then Italy/Mexico. Clay Leo and Laurence were supporting Mexico, while Bops and I yelled ourselves hoarse for Italy. The commentator used the words “sumptuous” “delightful” and “useful”. He was funny. The game was exciting and cool and stuff, except for the last five minutes, obviously. If I’d been there, I would have started a fucking riot. Or tried to elope with the Italian goalkeeper.

Also: here’s something I need advice on. You know how the cd player inmy computer won’t play cds? Well it will, but no sound will come out? I can only play mp3s? And now not only do I talk like a NZer with my voice trailing up at the end of sentences but my writing is also doing it? Anyways. So I checked for loose cables, but there were none. I reinstalled the soundcard software. I downloaded musicmatch and tried to burn cds to mp3, and while they copied fine, still no sound will come out. What the fuck is up with all that?

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