still buzzed

Wednesday June 26th

If you’re still keeping score, it’s three down, one to go,and I’m feeling rather chirpy about all this.

Two hours late for work because I slept and slept and slept in, and still had a headache when I woke up. Little bitter pills made me feel much better though, until I had about an hour left to go at work, when I started buzzing out and getting dizzy and headachey again. Bridget freaked me out when she said I had to do an incident report cos I got nasty papercuts between my fingers doing photocopying and bled. Of course she was kidding but I was too dazzed to realise at first. In the evening KateM came around and we went to my room for secret girls’ business and then went and had Korean food for dinner. She freaked out at me and got all mad when I told her that I walked home from the hospital the other night – apparently I am NOT indestructable. I understand where she’s coming from – if anyone else that I knew told me that they did that, I’d get mad at them too, but the rules are different for me, dammit! . Later I watched Buffy and after that, Bops and I played Lego. Yay Lego! We started making crazy things, and then giving them artistic descriptions, so I challenged her to actually make a meaningful sculpture, and I did the same. This is what mine looks like:

You figure it out. Daniel got it immediately. Bops and I were watching the soccer tonight (I’m backing Brazil but still find Hassan Asas (is that his name? I forget) strangely attractive) but I’m just so fucking sleepy that I can’t. Going to see Doctor White in the morning to get to the bottom of this headache madness thing. Then work. Work on Friday as well, and Monday and Tuesday, mare. Still, at least there’s Saturday night to look forward to. You are coming to my party aren’t you? If you know where I live, then consider yourself invited.

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