Thursday June 27th

I am so excited! I got my first official letter from an official lawyer complaing about something on Hubris today! At first I thought they was wanting to buy my domain name, but no! You can read about it here. Hehehehe. I am so amused, and proud. I always thought that my first legal problem would be with defemation of character, not product. I will be framing the letter. And also, I have bigger plans, maybe.

Other stuff today? I made a 5th year med student blush. Dr. White asked me if I minded if he sat in on my consultation, and I said that was fine, so he got to listen to me hear about my migraines, and my lack of history with them, and we discussed where I’d been in my pill cycle, and she thinks that it might be because when I started the sugar week, my body reacted cos it wanted more progestron. So if it happens next month again, then we’ll discuss me not taking the sugar pills (yay, no more bleeds! except for like, one a year to clean out my pipes). She gave me a quick examination and said that I had ideal eyes for looking at, so she got the med student to do it too – he took like ten minutes, which was rather uncomfortable. And then I told her that the evil mad attacks’o pain came on when I was masturbating, and she said that was probably due to a lack of oxygen going to my brain while he squirmed. That shouldn’t have amused me as much as it did, but you know, since i’m having to take drastic measures this whole week (no wanking! no drinking!) it’s the small things that count.

In the evening after work I had a top secret meeting, which was kinda interesting, but it means that I have top secret projects that I really should get around to doing sometime, suck. Oh, story from yesterday that I forgot to tell; when KateM and I were sitting in the Korean place, this big guy walked up to our table and leant over. From the way he was looking, I thought he was a friend of hers, so I wasn’t that surprised when he said “Will you marry me?” but she just shook her head and said “no, sorry”. Then he asked me, and I too said “no, sorry”. If only he’d asked me first, I would have, for sure, but who wants to be second best?

Do you think Bops would be upset if she came home and I’d eaten all of her instant oatmeal with apple and cinnamon that she raved about so much that i had to try? I guess she would. Poo.

Oh dear, I just cackled so loud over something i read that if anyone else was home, I would have woken them all up. I’d like to explain but I really can’t without debasing myself. Other things that have entertained me this week is my friend giving me back ‘the slut crown’ and asking me what my first act after my coronation will be. Pah, I’m giving it up. Again. Hmmm, did C 3.0 count if it only lasted like, umm 2 weeks from my decision? Let’s call this C 3.1. Cool.

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