party prep

Saturday June 29th

So the Internet being what it is, someone has picked up on my Sellotape ® letter, taken the ball and run with it, and put it online. You can view it here. Also people tell me that similar letters have appeared in The Listener July 6-12 edition.

Last night Bopha and I were all domesticated. I cleaned the lounge, she cleaned the kitchen, and we did the supermarket shopping in preperation for the party tonight. She also tried to make Kumara Bread, which turned out incredibly heavy, and are now officially “Chinese Muffins of Death”. They’re okay cut into thin sliced and grilled with cheese and tomato, but we’re gonna keep half of them to throw at gatecrashers. Not that i’m expecting gatecrashers, or even large numbers of people. It’s gonna be a chilled out evening (if i can actually get my bedroom tidy in time) with good people and good music and yeah, I get to put on lots of eye shadow before hand. What more could a girl ask for?

So I’ll see you all tonight, right?

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