Wednesday July 10th, 2002

I’m back! I’m here in Auckland. So why am I still supergrumpy and miserable then? I’m going to go with being pre-bleed, and also being annoyed that i missed people terribly and people are all busy now. Yes I know they all have their own lives and stuff. But meh. And also, Bops left for Wellington yesterday, so I won’t see her for like, two weeks and that sucks cos she’s so fucking great. Plus, she took her discman with her, so I can’t even listen to all the cds I got yesterday at Real Groovy.

All in all, my time in Wellington pretty much sucked more ass than an ass sucking machine. Mum drove me fucking crazy – I’m pretty sure that she has depression, or is at least going through menopause, but she doesn’t acknowledge depression as being anything valid at all; apparently it’s only events that make you sad, not chemical imbalances. But I will stop talking on this subject now. At least I got to catch up with lots of people and buy some kickass but very expensive pants.

Would you like to come over and munch on my rug? It’s kinda smelly, but it’s newly laid. Okay, we can stop with that now, but suffice to say, I actually have new carpet! It’s very exciting. Right now my room is spotless (although admittedly, there’s still a lot of my junk in the lounge) and you did say you’d be curious to see what my room looked like once I’d actually got it sorted, so I think you should come round and see it. I need a poley thingie to mount my photo hanging thing on, but other than that, things are pretty much sorted – once I unpack my suitcase, and get all my posessions out of drawers they don’t belong in and unstack my books from my wardrobe where they are getting all damp. I could go do that now, actually. Meh, that’s boring. I oughta focus my attentions on finding something to cover up the window with. My landlady has taken my curtains to wash them cos they were horrible mouldy, and your guess is as good as mine as to when I’ll get them back.

It’s 18 past midnight now, so I won’t sleep for a couple more hours, but I have an induction course at 9am tomorrow. Stink. Actually, the organisation employs me is very large and varied, and there are quite a few young people working for it, so maybe there will be some hot young things tomorrow morning. I can only hope.


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