Thursday the 11th of July, two thousand and two

Really fuckign nice random mp3 juxtaposition? ‘Morning Theft’ <!– !!! –> then PJ Harvey’s ‘Memphis’ which is a song about Jeff Buckley.

I had an exhausting day at work today, early start coupled with spending almost the entire day on the phone trying to get to talk to various media people about this huge thing we’re doing next week. Fuck I hate voicemail. After work, I had the best hair cut I’ve ever had, so consequently, I look drop dead sexy, except that it got rained on on the way home from the salon. But the lady told me amusing stories, and told me she’d get “real angus” about stuff that I related to her, so I’m definately incorporating that into my vocabulary.

In the evening, I wanted to go out with Brad, but he’d already gone out and left his cellie at his parents’ house, so I was gonna settle for drinkign with Clay and BradC but then we watched ‘Mullholland Drive’ instead, in fast forward cos ti was so fucking awful and boring and we just wanted the lesbian scenes. It was boring.

Man, I look so fucking hot tonight, someone should have saved me from the monotony, even if staying home meant drinking skky vodka.

But oooh, what a way to go – so peaceful, you’re smiling…

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