18 October, 2002

Um, hi. Because there is only so long that you can carry on playing scrabble without keeping score. Loinden is not actually a real word, and while I apppreciate that hi, you appreciate that I’m in my bedroom making up fake words, you’re in the lounge scoring with a real boy, and damn that would be nice, although I have lowered my criteria to cover anyone that is willing to share my bed and then peer under it after hearing rustlings that could suggest mice. And when we slipped out of the lounge tonight, adn he totatlly understoond WHY I was luring him to my bedroom and it was for you, I didn’t even have to mention that hey, actually I think maybe it’s you that matters, and it has been that way since what – june last year? And if there is too many yous, and you can’t keep up, then hey, fuck you. Fuck off. Seriously. I only have time to care about real people. Oh, and Corey Feldman. Fuck, so smitten with an 80s boy.
Reasons why I am in love with the current boy:

  • Oh my god those haircuts\
  • Oh my god SASSY
  • Okay, so he both finds hidden pirate treasure AND fights vampires
  • like, fluent Spanish – hello
  • Oh my god, did we mention like, fighting vampires and fighting the world?
  • So like, Joanna Tiare Feldman, that sounds pretty good eh? Considering he’s only eight years older than me, and fuck, 8 years is NOTHING. Although, HI, he was kinda short, and seriously, Hi, Scrabble? that’s so NOT seductive. But I still love you. XOJO.
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