24 October, 2002

And because today is probably the first day I have seen everyone at tech since Haley would have sat in a pleniary meeeting and said “well, my problem this week is that Joanna has dropped this paper because she’s having issues so I have to do our project alone” everyone was all “Oh hi, how are you, you must have lots of spare time now”. Spare time – yeah right. Oh yeah, I’m all fucked up and pre-med, and blah blah, does that make me cool, does that make you want to have sex with me? That’s the thing that I probably fear most of all, the whole using bad shit as glamour aspect of the Internet, and I know that I’ve had extended discussions with people about it, the whole what came first, the Internet or the angst angle, and also the blah blah blah etc etc that I will not be listing here. But yeah, some people are really cool and I have fun going out with them .

Originally, KateB oughta be arriving at 2am, but she’s coming tomorrow instead, so I don’t get to sleep with anyone, but if I was, I would chose them entirely on their mouse handling skills. Except oh, I had a freakout moment earlier tonight when I thought I saw the fucktoy again, and out of anyone I’ve shagged, he would have been the most likely to be able to deal with creatures running around the house, but ewww, and it wasn’t him anyways.

I’m sure I never used to be this cynical and angry. I think the world liked me better when I was on zac. And what exactly does “we’ll contact you early next week” mean when i need to commit to a job til after Xmas tomorrow?

But OOH OOOH OOH BradM and KateB in the city tomororw, WOOHAA!

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