19 December, 2002

I handed in my letter’o resignation today. It felt really good.

When I was walking back to The Slab after work where I’d parked my car, a guy on a bicycle said “Sexy!” at me so I scowled at him, and then he stopped and asked me for directions to High Street, so I thought maybe I’d misheard him, and then as he rode off, he said “you’re still really sexy” so that was a little odd. I smiled after that though.

I swear, if my ex landlady calls me ONE MORE TIME I will totally lose it. In fact, I’d almost be willing to forfit the whole $1200 bond she owes us if I could have a guarantee I’d never have to encounter her ever again.

Megan is super cool. We still need a fourth flatmate. Megan is serving at my work Xmas party tomorrow, and then at the Shortland St function at Ammy’s work tomorrow night. We’re so good to her.

I still haven’t come to terms with the fact that it’s less than a week til Xmas. I feel decidedly unfestive.

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