January 4, 2003

Well well well. So now it’s the 4th of January, according to my computer clock, although my computer has just had 435 infected files wiped off it (even McAfee was infected) and $200 of repairing done, so I’m not entirely sure if I can trust it. Then again, it’s Saturday today, and I start back at work on Monday, which is the 6th, so I guess it must be right.

Right now I am waiting for the AA to come and jumpstart my car. Godbless one month grace periods when you’ve forgotten to pay for your membership. Once I have my car started, and assuming that I don’t have to take it for a long drive on the motorway, I am going to go and try to spend $200 upgrading my wardrobe for my new job, which I start on the 20th of January. I am very excited.

What other things are there that I should mention? Oh yeah, I guess I should talk about the past couple’o weeks. Well. I think when I last wrote I had just moved into my new house? Let me go check. Yes, that’s right. Then I had my work Xmas party, and a couple’o days later I flew down to Wellington. And got sick. So very very sick. I had huge big elephant testicles in my throat and a temperature of 38.5 when Mummy took me to the doctor on Christmas Eve. He took some blood to see if I had glandular fever because my neck was so swollen (“What about if I touch here?” “OWWWWWWWWWWWW”). I cried lots – not at the bloodtaking, but at the being so very fucking sick, and being unable to eat, or hardly drink, and unable to enjoy the company of the Hot German Girls (friends of Ammy’s) who I had found on the street and willingly taken in.

Christmas Day itself was pretty much a blur because I tried to sleep through most of it in order to get better and to also escape family strife. Needless to say, after suffering two hour traffic holdup on the way to Oma’s in Paraparaumu, as a family we pledged that next Christmas will be spent AT HOME and if any relies want to see us they can bloody well come to our house themselves. I got books books books, and stripey socks, and a ticket to the BDO, and money for a new cellphone (yay!) and ummm other stuff, all of which was very cool. But I couldn’t eat Xmas goodies, or drink or even eat chocolate mousse cos the liquor made my inflamed gums burn. OH THE HUMANITY! And while the penicillin made my throat get better, my gums got worse and worse, so finally I went to the dentist on the 27th of December.

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