June 5, 2003

So, it’s my birthday in less than two weeks, and many of you are invited to my Friday the 13th Drinks, so you’re probably wondering what to get me. Here’s a helpful list (actually, chances are if you’re coming to my drinks, I’ve already been to your birthday parties and haven’t given you anything, so you shouldn’t either)

  • Knee socks
  • lip gloss
  • brightly coloured eyeshadow
  • jewellary
  • scarves
  • kitchen knives
  • cash
  • books
  • beauty products

Thank you. Having said that, the coolest present I received last year was Peter filling my entire bedroom with balloons in the coolest suprise I’ve ever had (no disrespect to the other presents people got me cos they were all brilliant too).

Other than that, my mummy’s coming up to visit me tomorrow. Yay. And what else? I might go get some lunch now. Designer Brad gave me a chocolate bar for proofreading his 8000 word dissertation. I am a good girl.

Did I show you my pluto photos? I think I probably did. Oh well, you can see them again. And I guess that’s all I really have to say right now.

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