Jun 12, 2003

make this page look more interesting, I realised that i have a whole swag of bear pictures saved to my PC. Naturally. I like bears. Oh my god there might be exciting things happening at my birthday party tomorrow. I have to text Brad and tell him. There. Okay, what else do I have to tell you about? Maybe about my weekend past. Mummy and Anji and Dick came up to see me. Mummy spoiled me rotton and bought me sneakers and jeans anda skirt for my birthday. We went out to the vineyards in Kumeu and ate the most magnificant duck ever, whilst sitting next to a pond with real life ducks swimming around in it. Quack quack! So that was fun. Then I paid for her to get a massage, and I got one too and my massuer was excellent. She pulled out my neck and stuff, and also told me not to click my wrists anymore. Meanie! It was fun, Now Mum is gone but Anji is still staying with me as is Dick. It’s nice getting up to find them asleep spooning on the couch.  And really, that’s about all I have to say for now. Birthday party tomorrow night should be good and exciting. Birthday dinner next week ditto. My social calendar is rapidly filling up, and my friends are all rolling their eyes at my on and off crushes.  On an unrelated note, howcome now that my friend has got himself the equivilent of an EM, why don’t I hear from mine anymore? Is it all a communist plot? I suspect it is.

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