Be a Girl

Last night I got girlied to death. It was fun!

Karen, Anji and I went and had cocktails at Rouge and discussed Xmas. I think we will probably have the festivities at my house, rather than at the’ole homestead, just for a change. Hopefully that will make people stress less. People stressing out about Xmas isn’t cool. I mean, dude, presents and food, what could be so wrong or difficult about that? Sheesh.

Then I went up to Cafe Istanbul to meet up with Jessie and her friends for dinner. We were supposed to meet at 7pm, because we had movie tickets to an 8.50pm showing. Most people got there late, which was kind of annoying cos it meant that we ended up having to eat our mains in ten minutes and then run across town – not something that’s that good to do on a stomach full of mixed grill and a bottle of wine. But everyone was lovely and it was fun anyway.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason was very amusing too, although I was surrounded by 14 girls who are all mad for Mr Darcy and I’m very much more of a Hugh Grant fan. I mean, I don’t like him playing foppish idiots, but when he gets bad, it’s oh so good. Especially now he has good hair as well! I don’t understand how Renee Zellweger would be willing to give up her boobs either when she re-stickifies herself. Oh well, her loss.

In a couple of hours, I am going to an Xmas party. However, I just saw people-that-I-am-very-not-fond-of from my previous place of work loitering around, which means they will be going too, and so I’m wondering if it would appear unprofessional if I got drunk and punched them. Probably right? I guess I might just do my best to Nice them to death if I have to talk to them. Then I’m going to a 21st. Tomorrow I have that P party. I am so popular and cool. Sorry Liver.

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