Camera, Lights, Action…

I know it’s not even December yet, but I’m feeling very very very end-of-year introspecty already, so right about now, if you pash me, I will give you $5. For real.Ha ha, I am so cheap – and also somewhat about to explode. Oh, but ladies, there’s no point in pashing me, cos there’s no boys that i fancy right now who you can end up with. Oooh meow! Tanker of milk for Table Hubris.

I shouldn’t be this way. Last year started with giving someone a handjob while two other people were (hopefully) asleep in the same room, continued with a kiss in a hotel elevator and being sprung by the boy’s mother, then moved past giving a married man a blowjob in the men’s room at Submission, then the following week sleeping with two boys five days apart, a snogfest with another guy who had a girlfriend which resulted in me going home to hit up my flatmate for some loving (and, for the first time in five years saying “actually no, I can’t do this”), and a couple of other assorted dalliances in between. This year has had the sum total of one pash and a bit of a grope. I know one of the reasons I moved back to Wellington was to calm-the-fuck-down, but this is ridiculous.

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